Hard work always pays

So far in life, I have never met a single person who is a hard working and he is a failure because hard working people always achieve success in life. Though, many times we may not get desired results of some of our hard works; however, with constant habit of hard work we soon become successful. Mostly, people put all blame of their failures on luck while justifying their inactions.

Lord Krishna has said in The Geeta that one should never deviate from path of karma under all circumstances. Karma means doing our work with whole efforts. In present world, we can meet lots of people who do not put their hard efforts in their work and wait for time or situation to be in their favors. While on the other hand, hard working people not only create opportunities for themselves but they do help many others by creating opportunities for them too.

Hard working people never fear any situation in life and they only trust their ability to work hard. While lazy or pessimist always blame luck or God for their bad circumstances. It is our choice in life that we want to get help of hard work for living a good or not. It we choose path of hard work then no power in this world can stop us from achieving our goals.
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