Excitement of Cricket World Cup

Presently, we can see lots of excited and happy faces in India because they are getting chance to world class cricket world games. Indians have always remained great fan of cricket world cup and Indian cricket fans never miss a single to watch Indian cricket match. So far, Indian cricket team looks very strong in this world cup and we can hope that Indian cricket team will emerge as winner in this world cup. Though, we all know that competition is very hard and Indian cricket team is required to beat strong world teams like Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc.

India has won its first match against Bangladesh with good margin and we can hope that Indian cricket team will win its second group match against England in similar manner. Cricket excitement is present in every part of India and whole of country looks to have got coloured in cricket world cup colours. We can hope to see major increase in this excitement with the progress of cricket world cup. If Indian cricket team continued to win its game in cricket world cup then this excitement among cricket fans can see great increase. So far, all Indian cricket fans are praying to god that India should win cricket world cup 2011.

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