Expectations from Union Finance budget 2011

On 28th Feb, Indian finance minister Pranab Mukherjee will present Indian Union budget in front of Loksabha and people of India. In developing countries like India, people have lots of hopes from union budget because country’s growth depends on good finance budget. Therefore, every finance minister tries it hard to make a perfect budget which should suit every Indian citizen and fulfill corporate expectations.

However, most of finance minister give populist budgets for getting votes in elections than giving important to financial development. India is a developing country and for becoming a developed nation, we need help of good financial budget. Hopefully, this time we will see a good budget directed towards financial growth of India and making life of ordinary people simpler. People can watch Indian financial budget live by visiting Watch Live Union Financial Budget 2011-12 India.

Here people can find multiple links to watch live union financial budget of India 2011-12. On 28th Feb, every Indian will learn that finance budget has meet their expectations or not. Though, it is also hard for finance Minister to give a perfect budget because world economy is going through numbers of crisis. Hopefully, finance minister will give us a good budget and make us happy.

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