Who will win West Bengal Assembly Election?

As I told in my last post West Bengal Assembly Election 2011 that West Bengal Assembly election is going to biggest election in India this year. This is first assembly election to take place in 2011. With 2011 West Bengal assembly election approaching near, every person wants to know answer of this question that Who will win West Bengal Assembly Election?

All predictions are on and many election analysts are trying to predict outcome by giving their opinion polls. However, we all know that this time West Bengal Assembly election will see good competition to 30 years long rule of Left Democratic Front (LDF). Congress and Trinamool combine is looking very strong this time and for first time in 30 years, we can hope for change in rule over West Bengal. Congress and Trinamool alliance have showed their strength in 2009 assembly election by winning 60% of Loksabha seats (won 25 Loksabha seats) whereas LDF succeeded in winning only 36% Loksabha seats (won 15 Loksabha seats).

In 2006 West Bengal Assembly election gave great victory to LDF and it got landslide victory in assembly election by winning 233 assembly seats out of 294 seats. However, meantime in last five years many things have changed and matters like Singur and Nandigram have decreased popularity of LDF in state. Present West Bengal LDF government has lost its popularity among youth and poor people of society who are looking for big change in 2011.

Many political observers and analysts believe that it is certain this time that LDF will lose its 30 years old rule over West Bengal and Congress-Trinamool Combine will make new government. My analysis also points that Trinamool and Congress combine definitely have good edge over Left Democratic Front (LDF). Though, LDF still hold good strength in West Bengal; therefore, it is not right to completely right off its presence. West Bengal Assembly Election 2011 results will tell that people voted for change or they opted to remain with LDF. For Election Dates visit- Assembly Election 2011 West Bengal Dates


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