Advantage of storing Pictures Online

Thanks to the availability of wide range easy to operate digital cameras, we can capture many pictures. With digital technology, we can capture as many pictures and delete unwanted pictures at the spot only. A 12 Mega pixel digital camera is available in India for Rs 6000 only and most of Indians can afford this much prize.

Today, people are not depended on developing roles and there is no limit on capturing pictures. This digital revolution has made every person a photographer because they have now got power to capture unlimited pictures. This is a great boom for all people who always wanted to capture lots of pictures; however, this revolution has created one new problem and that is where to store these pictures. Today, people can have 100s of GB of data related to stored pictures only.

Many times, it become very difficult for us to store these pictures safely because digital data can only remain safe if we store it on more than two places. For examples, I lost 30 GB worth of picture data when my computer hard drive crashed without giving any warning. However, most of my important pictures remained safe because I also stored them on numbers of platforms online. Social networking websites like facebook and orkut provides a great solution to share and store unlimited pictures online. With online back, we can remove our fear of removing our valuable pictures forever.
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