Haryana Assembly Election 2009 Exit Poll Result

Today, voters across Haryana voted for next state government. Results of today’s poll will be declared on 22nd Oct, 2009. So far exit poll results by leading two TV channels are available in front of us and they are giving comfortable majority to Congress in today’s held elections. These exit polls are giving 52 to 57 seats to Congress out of total 90 seats. According to these exit polls, main reason of win of Congress in Haryana is fight between various opposition parties because combined voting share of major opposition parties is much more than vote share of Congress. Seat telly of other opposition parties will be Haryana Janhit Congress 8-11, Indian National Lok Dal 13-17, BSP 5-7, BJP 1-2 and Oth 3-6. These exit polls are providing good news to Congress because these results will alter history of Haryana where no party wins for second time. Actual results of Haryana Assembly Elections 2009 will be only available in front of us on 22nd Oct, 2009 and then we will get actual picture. Also visit-Maharashtra Assembly Election 2009 Exit poll result, Haryana, Maharashtra and Arunachal Assembly Election Results 2009 (Live Update)

Exit Poll Results Haryana Assembly Election 2009

Party Seats
Congress 52-57
HJC 8-11
INLD 13-17
BSP 5-7
BJP 1-2
Oth 3-6
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