Maharashtra Assembly Election 2009 Exit poll result

Today, Voters across Maharashtra voted for next state government. Results of today’s election will be declared on 22nd Oct, 2009. Some exit poll results from various TV channels are available in front of us and they are indicating towards hung assembly in Maharashtra. There are total 288 seats in Maharashtra assembly and any party or alliance will need support of 145 MLAs to form next government. According to these exit polls, Congress-NCP alliance will emerge as biggest political alliance by winning 132-138 seats and BJP-ShivSena alliance will get 112-115 seats. Therefore, fight is very crucial in Maharashtra and actual results can easily show numbers of surprises. Maharashtra NavNirman party (MMS) is likely to emerge as king maker as per these exit polls by winning 8 to 16 seats. Third front is likely to win only 4-6 seats while 20-25 seats will go to others including BSP. Therefore, importance of MNS and others will increase many times if actual results also follow exit poll results. Actual picture of Maharashtra will only be clear in front of is on 22nd Oct when actual results will be declared. (Also visit-Haryana Assembly Election 2009 Exit Poll Result, Haryana, Maharashtra and Arunachal Assembly Election Results 2009 (Live Update)

Exit poll result Maharashtra Assembly Election 2009

Party Seats
Congress 80-85
NCP 50-55
BLP 53-59
SS 57-63
MNS 8-16
Third front 4-6
Oth 20-25
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