Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister of India

There are good chances that UPA will again form next government at centre under the leadership of Congress, if this happens then definitely Prime Minister will be from Congress side. In this scenario, Rahul Gandhi emerges as strong contender for this top post. Though, Congress party and Rahul Gandhi have already made it clear that Dr Manmohan Singh will remain contender for PM post from Congress side, however, we all know that Manmohan singh is presently struggling with his health.

Therefore, there are good chances that he may withdraw his name from this post. In this situation Rahul Gandhi will definitely emerge as biggest contender for this post. Already, popularity of Rahul Ghandi around India is on rise and there are good numbers of people who want him as next PM of India. Though, Congress party and Gandhi family want to make any new move with lot of care. Forthcoming Loksabha elections will test many things and one thing in it will be popularity of rahul Gandhi.

Now if Rahul emerges as new charismatic leader for Congress who succeeds in improving overall status of Congress then definitely there will no hurdle between him and PM post. Some experts believe that Gandhi family want to give more time to Rahul Gandhi before he holds PM position because this will help him in learning more about India and Indian politics. Still one thing is clear that time is not far when we will see Rahul Gandhi as next PM of India.

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