Movie Review "Love Stroy 2050"

Story plays a very important role in the success of any film, however sadly, many film makers in India do not give any importance to story at all. Film “Love Story 2050” is one addition in this category. If this film flops at box office then major negative credit will go to poor and copied story of film. It looks that Harry Baweja watched few old Hindi and English films to make this story.

For launching a new star in cinema, love story has always remained a good alternative available with film maker. Therefore, for launching his son Harman in film industry Harry Baweja choose this concept, however, he tried to make it more interesting by adding Time machine, robots, future life in this love story. Though, while reading this entire concept look very interesting, however, when we see execution of this poor plot on big screen then for some time we ask only one question why we do not deserve anything new and original.

In film, Harry Baweja has mixed all masalas available in Hollywood and Bollywood, and even gone beyond that. The major weakness of this film is its predictability and some idiotic plots. After story, second thing which can save a movie is good performance, which is again weak at number of places. Harman is good actor and dancer but still he require lot of more preparation for giving a hit film.

Priyanka Chopra is also average in acting. Though, second half of film is somewhat interesting thanks to funny and helpful robots. For this innovation and concept, we can give some marks to Bawaja, however, nothing concert is available in film to make it a hit. Small children may like the second half of film which is full of future world, flying cars and robots. Music of film is also below average; therefore, there is hardly any solid point available in film which can save it. We can hope that next time Harry Bawaja will give importance to story and acting, not only on copying stories and concepts.

Points- 1.5/5

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