Sign of Stability at Centre

Finally, after Samajwadi Party’s announcement of support to UPA lead government chances of stability at centre have become stronger. From last two years, whole of India is seeing Congress and Left parties tussle over Nuclear deal. While Congress was very much in the favour of deal, whereas, Left parties were against it any cost. Due to this reason, Nuclear deal was also postponed for number of times.

At that time, Congress lead government was totally dependent on the support of 59 Loksabha MPs of Left parties and Left parties were also using this strength to stop Congress from signing nuclear deal. Last time situation at centre become very uncertain when Congress decided to go for Nuclear Deal before US presidential elections. Left Parties tried to stop Congress lead government from going ahead by threatening them with support withdrawal.

At that time, Congress was left with only two alternatives either to accept left demands or sacrifice government. However, Congress choice another way and aligned with Samajwadi Party which has strength of 39 MPs in Loksabha. Moreover, 13 more MPs of small regional parties and impendent look supporting Congress lead government in this crisis (including 3 RLD, 10 independent), whereas TDP which has 6 MPs has not cleared its stand so far.

Therefore, Congress is now in a comfortable position and can ignore threats given by left parties. Already, PM has expressed that his government will now go forward for Nuclear deal. Left parties will also take their support back from government in next few days, however, now their support withdrawal from government will not effect government much. This development is also good news for people as they will not see early elections which waste lot of money of government. Second, India can soon sign Nuclear deal with US which many experts believe in favour of India.

Present Position-

UPA Mps 234
SP MPs 39
Independent/small parties 10
Total -- 286
Total seats in Loksabha - 543
Seats required for Majority- 272

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