Review Movie- Woodstock Willa (Stay Out)

There are many movies made in Bollywood which can be easily avoided and Woodstock Willa is one of them. There is nothing new in this film when we ask about story because similar story got repeated in many earlier films also. Story of film revolves around the murder mystery where a wife of business tycoon is first kidnapped and then killed.

New entry Sikander Kher show some promise for future, however, he also look helpless in front of bad story and direction. Neha Oberoi is looking very bad in film both in acting and look. First half of the film is really fine and before interval it looks that something interesting is stored in second half. However, second half of film is worst part of film missing all parameters.

At number of places film become very baseless and going away from main point. Though, director has tried to present some twists in film but they are also helpless like the complete film. Songs of the film have slight hope, however, we cannot expect any wonder from them. This film almost looks like a next flop film and after one week, reviews are also same for this film.

Therefore, people who have not watched this film so far can easily avoid this film. Moreover, this film is even not worth watching on small screen because second half of film is completely a time waste.

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