Drama of Left Parties

For my whole life, I have never been able to understand Indian left parties because mostly we find them in confusing conditions. We can give example of present condition where Left Parties are supporting UPA lead government at one hand and agitating against price hike by government at other hand. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine that what the actual stand of left parties is?

Left parties only looks confusing people by taking double stands and going to any extend for remaining in power. It is clear to every Indian that Left parties are big obstacle in signing of nuclear deal with US and these parties have tried every tactics to stop India from becoming a stable nation in the field of nuclear power generation.

If India signs nuclear deal with US then it will become much easier for India to progress in the nuclear power generation and we can easily generate most of extra power required by us. Moreover, our dependency on other sources of power generation will decrease considerably leading to less exploitation of these sources. Nuclear power will also decrease our dependence of oil and gas, thus stabilising their prices in market.

However, left parties are more interested in their politics than the actual benefit of people. One side left parties claim that they are with common people, however on the other hand they take stands which are against common people. Their actions only look like a drama created to make innocent people fool. People of India also need to understand these facts and avoid giving votes to such parties which are against their good life.

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