Does Nuclear Deal will cause early Elections? (Analysis)

With each passing day it is becoming clearer that Lok Sabha elections are very near and soon we can hear announcement in this regard. Already, differences between Left parties and ruling Congress have become very prominent and there are very less hopes now present that this government will stay for long. Congress also cannot expect support from other parties because few days back BSP has withdrawn support from UPA alliance.

Therefore in the worst case scenario only solution available with government is to go for early elections. If anything likes this happen then Nuclear deal can be blamed for it because in recent times sharp differences have emerged between Congress and Left parties over the Nuclear deal. Left parties are against this deal at any cost while Congress supports this deal by terming it in favour of common man. Nuclear deal is one such issue which looks forced on people because just one year back people hardly have any information about this deal.

In a survey done last year on nuclear deal 70% of people surveyed reported that they do not having any knowledge or information about this deal. However, left and Congress fight on this issues has made it a big issue for nation. Though, India needs electricity at any cost because most parts of India are suffering from huge shortage of electricity. Nuclear deal can help us in generating some extra electricity. At present, Nuclear energy amounts for only 3% of total electricity generated in India.

With the help of Nuclear deal we can expect 3% to 6% increase in this capacity in five to ten year period, which will still not solve complete electricity problem of India because India has 15% shortage of electricity in peak hours. Therefore, despite nuclear deal we need extra 8-12% electricity. Government can also exploit other sources like solar energy, wind energy, sea energy etc at larger scale. At present there is no restriction on these free sources of energy available with us. America is pushing India for this deal because Gorge Bush wants to get credit for this deal because this deal will provide benefit of billions of dollars to US companies which sell nuclear plant products.

Moreover, India can wait further and ask for more waivers in terms and conditions. Earlier elections will definitely cost lot of extra money which can be otherwise used for making wind or solar electricity plants. However, political parties are only trying to exploit opportunities for satisfying their power hunger. Though, we need nuclear deal, however, there is no hurry required to do it now at the cost of early election.

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Increasing trend of Abroad Vacations

In recent years, India has seen a major jump in numbers of people who love to spent vacations abroad. Earlier, Indians were only holding few percentage in overall foreign travel, therefore, foreign country do not have specific offers for Indians. However, after post globalisation, Indians have emerged as major lover of foreign travel and there number is on constant rise. Therefore, most of the nations have started to respect Indian tourists and even they now have number of exclusive discounts and plans for Indians.

This is really good news for Indians. Large numbers of Indian love to visit southeast countries because of ease of reaching there and less cost associated with these travels. Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines etc are among most preferred nations on this route. People can easily opt for number of packages costing only few thousand rupees for visiting these nations. Most of the packages are easily available on leading travel websites or can be purchased from local travel agents.

More, people can also get the help of blogs like suplado's Travel which are dedicated on travel. Through Suplado’s blog people can learn lot about famous place to visit in Philippines. Here on this blog, people can easily find many interesting articles related to popular places and food in Philippines.

Thought of Day on Time (30/06/08) 1

Find below an interesting Though of Day about Time. This thought can help us in choosing the perfect time. Time can play a lot of positive role in our life, only if we now how to use it wisely.

"No Time is a perfect time. If you really want to do something, you have to put the time aside, and then just do it." - Colin Martin

Hopefully, you enjoyed this Thought of Day.

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India stock market below 14000 Points, What to do now?

It is very difficult to believe that Indian stock market has gone below 14000 points after crossing 20000 points mark at one time. From last few months, India stock market is on constant down fall and investors have suffered huge losses accounting for billions of dollars. Moreover, people still do not have clear idea about whether to invest in stock market in present condition or remain away from it.

Earlier, most of experts were giving positive hopes to people that soon market will regain its lost levels; however, market is only going in reverse way. Now, some experts have even predicted that market can slide below ten thousand points in worst conditions because stock market is reacting negatively to rise in inflation and increasing crude oil prices. First about inflation, it looks that inflation will rise further for few weeks and even government of India has accepted this fact and both finance minister and head of planning commission have expressed these views.

In rainy season, prices of vegetables and other essential commodities only go upward, as already onion prices have started showing signs of increase in whole sale markets. Therefore, stock market cannot expect any relief from inflation side. Second about crude oil prices, here also situation look very dark as already prices have crossed $140 per barrel mark and some experts have pointed that soon oil prices can touch $150 to $ 175.

Major reason behind increase in crude oil prices is decrease in output of crude oil in few major oil producing nations. Therefore, both crucial factors are against Indian stock market. Now, it is clear and lots of experts are also saying that investor should stay away from stock market for some more time till stock market starts giving solid recovery signs.

At present, it is like blocking our money in stock market or suffering huge losing. Though, investors should also not panic because this is temporary face of Indian stock market and it will bounce back once prices become stable and foreign investors start showing interest in it.

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Video Best Cricket moments

Cricket is like a passion for lot of people in this world and therefore, these people do not miss any opportunity related to cricket. Below is also one such video for all cricket fans which show some of the greatest moments of cricketing world. Hopefully, cricket fans will enjoy this video.

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Respecting our old Values

Today, we all live in a world where everything we use is modern. Slowly, people are leaving behind old things to look more modern. To some extent all this fine as we all need to accept changes, however, large numbers of people are even forgetting their values and traditions on the name of this modernisation. It is not wrong anyway to change old furniture with modern furniture because this is the demand of time. Moreover, modern furniture is also developed by taking care of present needs while old furniture do not suits present life style. However, we cannot apply this concept of our social system and accepting many wrong trends on the name of modernisation. Our ancestors have provided number of good values to us and we are required to respect them. We cannot equate our values with a piece of furniture. Major degradation in society is also coming due to people leaving their good values for cheap modern thoughts.

Maa Vaishno Devi yatra Pictures cum video

Below, I am posting a beautiful video made by Rajat Sabharwal about his Maa Vaishno Devi visit. This is very interesting and helpful video for all people who are planning to visit Maa Vaishno Devi. This video provides a detailed information about the Maa Vaishno Devi temple like how people can reach there, what are options available with people, pictures of different places on way, sequence of yatra, distance between different places etc. This is very nice video and great gift for all Maa Vaishno Devi Devotees. People who have not visited Vaishno Devi so far can get the enjoyment of yatra by watching this video. Hopefully, this video by Rajat will provide help to many Maa devotees. Thanks Rajat.

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Government may put limit of Yearly Gas consumption

Already, large numbers of Indians across India are suffering from recent price hike in Gas cylinder prices. Though, some state governments have provided few reliefs for people, however, in rest of India there is no relief available for people and if any relief is available then it is not sufficient. Now, government has one new plan for helping oil companies in decreasing their subsidy burdens, which can create unrest in general public.

According to latest news available in media, there are chances that government can put limit on yearly consumption of gas cylinder by regular users for putting control of black marketing of gas cylinders. As per the studies available with government, a particular family use around seven gas cylinders per year on average. Therefore, panel of experts which submitted this report wants to limit supply of subsidised cylinders to any family by seven cylinders per year and if any family uses more than seven cylinders in a year then remaining cylinders should be given at market price.

If these demands are accepted by government then people’s gas cylinder related worries can increase significantly. Moreover, this panel has also asked government to totally remove subsidy from Petrol and limit supply of gasoline oil to families living below poverty line. Also this panel want government to decrease subsidy on Diesel. Now, in future, if all these opinions are implemented by government then it will definitely become very difficult for common people to survive.

If comes to effect then these rules will affect middle class family most because poor families use less than seven cylinders per year and they do not have cars and bikes. Middle class is already suffering in a big way in India. In future, if crude oil prices remained increasing in this way then we should not be surprised to see such rules becoming reality soon in India.

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Beauty of Blogging

Today, Blog sphere has really grown up and become an interesting option for reading useful information on numbers of topics. Numbers of blogs have established a separate space for themselves and they are enjoying good readership. Some blogger have opted for general topics, while there are many who have opted for niche segments. In both categories, many blogs are doing excellent.

Recently, I suddenly landed on a blog dedicated to jellyfish. This was a small blog with few hundred posts; however, there were more than thousand people who have subscribed to its RSS reader. I only want to say that it possible for any blogger to create big impact with blog if he follows a constant and disciplined approach for blogging.

I always feel very happy by encouraging new blogger who show good potential for future. One of such blog is Ranga's doodles. I really enjoyed reading some of posts on this blog. It is a blog of a matured male and father of two sons named Santhosh and Anand. Though, it is comparatively a new blog, however, I am sure that soon this blog will provide lot of good read to us.

Read different Thoughts of Day

Below find useful tool for reading Thoughts of Day. Beautiful and wise thoughts from the world’s wisest people provide a great opportunity in front of us for making our lives more meaningful and rewarding. People are required to refresh this page every time for reading a new thought of day.

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Search meanings for Different English Words

I found this Google gadget very helpful for searching the meanings of different English words. English is still an align language for large numbers of people in many countries. Therefore, these kinds of tools are very helpful for all of us. With the help of tool available below, people can easily search the meanings of different English words from important online dictionaries.

Video of Sachin Tendulkar’s first Test Hundred (century)

Sachin Tendulkar has established a big name for himself in the present world. Due to his superb performance, he has become a legend in cricket world. It is always a wonderful experience to watch Sachin batting and scoring runs. Below people can enjoy video of Sachin’s first test century. He made his first test hundred on tour to England in August 1990 at Old Trafford. He was just 17 year old at that time.

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Dancing in 42 nation (Watch yourself)

We all know this secret that it is not possible for all of us to travel to many countries of world and if I say about travelling to 42 different countries and dancing there then it may look like a dream for all of us. However, all this is made true in this Youtube’s popular video “Where the Hell is Matt?(2008)”. With the help of this video, people can watch clips from 42 different nations travelled by the maker, where he is dancing either alone or with others. It took him 14 months to make this video. Thousands of people also took part with him in his dance. Though, we all want to do same, however, still first we can enjoy this video. Hopefully, you will definitely like his work as I enjoyed it.

Trailer-The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Find below trailer of forthcoming film “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”. This is the third film in Mummy series and there are many hopes that this film will also entertain movie viewers like the previous two parts. This film is directed by Rob Cohen. This film is also shot in China; therefore, people will be able to watch many attractive location of China.

Thought of Day (26/06/08) 1

Find below Thought of Day. Hopefully, this thought will provide some positive momentum to your life.

"The happiest people don't bother about whether life is fair, They just make the most of what they have.

And is life "fair"? Probably not. But it doesn't matter why!
" - by Andrew Matthews

Watch how to say I Love You in Bhojpuri

Find below interesting video where you will know how to say “I love you” in Bhojpuri. Hopefully, people will enjoy this video.

Baba Ramdev Videos 2

Today, Baba Ramdev has become a big name in India and world due to his great knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda. Moreover, people also like him because he is spreading this wisdom to people of India. Already, Yoga taught by him and ayurvedic medicines given by his trust have helped millions of people across the world. People are also getting benefits of his live programs running in various channels. Below, people can find few of his videos where he discussing numbers of diseases with patients and advising them. People can also find solution to their similar problems through these videos. (Videos only available in Hindi).

Video 1-

Video 2-

Video 3-

Video 4-

Video 5-

Video 6-

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Personal taste

In recent times, we are seeing increase in many trends in India. Today, people in India want to add more features to their homes like their western counterparts. Recently, I got a chance to visit house of my uncle who has just retired from army. After retirement, he constructed a beautiful home for his family. The main attraction of his home is his personal bar. Though, it is not a very big bar but well enough for three four people. His bar has all stylish items like beautiful Barstools, good display etc. Mostly, it is not very common to find bar inside homes in northern India. However, slowly people are going for such options for completing their dreams. Second, today with the ability of good furniture in all parts of India, it is much easier for people to complete their dreams easily. Today, people give more stress on their taste then what is common trend in area.

How to Optimise Google Ads?

Lot of web publishers across the world depend on Google/Adsense program for making money from their websites. However, large numbers of webmaster fail in making any big revenue generation from Adsense program because they do not know how to optimise Google Ads. On the other hands, numbers of webmasters have significantly increased their Google/Adsense revenues by using successful optimisation tricks. Below, people can watch this video made by Google/Adsense Australia team for helping webmasters in understanding different concepts of Ads optimisation. With the help of these tips, webmasters can significantly increase their Adsense revenues.

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Finding genuine Paid surveys

Today, internet has opened many legitimate earning opportunities in front of people. One of such opportunity is paid surveys. People who use internet constantly may already have knowledge about paid surveys because we all get number of such paid survey requests in our mail box. However, still many people do not trust paid surveys because of large numbers of frauds associated with them.

Despite so many online paid survey frauds, many people are earning good amount of money from genuine paid surveys. According to the post link available below paid surveys provide second highest earning opportunity online. Therefore, with the help of genuine Free Paid Surveys available online, any person can think about making good amount of money.

People can get the help of this informative article on paid surveys for which link is provided for selecting genuine paid surveys and not wasting time with frauds paid surveys. This article is very useful for all people interested in paid surveys and can save their lot of time by avoiding wastage of time on fraud paid surveys. People can also check his earlier posts on paid surveys for getting more useful information on this topic.

Thought of Day (24/06/08) 1

Below people can enjoy beautiful Thought of Day. Hopefully this Thought will make your day and life more beautiful.

"The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it." -Michelangelo

Abhi and Aish in support of Big B's Blog

Everyone is today aware of Amitab Bachan’s blog. Even in just few months of launch, Amitab Bachan’s blog has gained lot of popularity. Every day, thousands of people are visiting Bachan’s blog for reading his posts and posting their comments. During recent interview, Abhishek and Aishwarya also came forward in the support of Amitab’s blog. Both termed it as great initiative from big B and saluted his commitment for blogging. Below, people can enjoy this interview of Abhishek and Aishwarya.

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Save Tiger Save World

I request all the readers of this blog to become part of save tiger campaign. Tigers are one of the most beautiful creatures of nature; however, due to human lust they are slowly becoming extinct in present world. With such positive campaigns we can hope for saving these beautiful creatures. Below, find video with beautiful pictures of tigers and save tiger message.

Remembering 83 cricket world cup heroes

World cup win by Indian team in 1983 cricket world cup is still a great milestone in the history of Indian cricket. Though, due to present controversy between BCCI and Kapil Dev and other members of 83 world cup winning team, there were earlier chances that there will be no celebrations on silver jubilee of this great win. However, due to the great efforts of Sunil Gavaskar, now celebrations will take place in Lords cricket ground, where India won world cup and in many parts of India. Below people can enjoy video report on event organised by BCCI in New Delhi to facilitate 83 winning team members. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011

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Need of Positive Attitude

Attitude is one thing in life which plays a significant role in shaping our lives. Attitude can be of two types positive or negative. Both kinds of attitudes have great effect on our lives. Positive attitude can help us significantly in achieving life goals, while negative attitude can put numbers of hurdles in achieving goals.

The major disadvantage with negative attitude is that people fail in any work even before starting it. Negative attitude blinds people about their strong points and only allow people to concentrate on negative things, therefore, people with negative attitude mostly loss all hopes of getting any positive result in their lives.

On the reverse side, people with positive attitude win most life battles even before they face them because their positive attitude allow them to work positively in the direction of achieving their goals. Many people with many exceptional talents fail in this world because of their negative attitude towards life, while numbers of moderate people win in these battles because of their positive attitude.

In nutshell, we can say that positive attitude can play very important role in any person’s life. The good news is that people can learn to live life with positive attitude by following people with positive attitude and reading good material available on this topic.

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What is confidence- a money product or simply a self belief?

Thought of Day (23/06/08) 1

Below find one beautiful thought of Day said by Earl Nightingale. Hopefully, this thought will make your day and life more beautiful.

"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for
something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how
really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with
your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savoured
Earl Nightingale

Cell phones are harmful or not? (available studies)

Today, cell phones have become an essential part of our lives in India. It is very hard for any person to imagine a life without cell phone. However, in last few days we all heard number of news related to the harmful effects of cell phones. Even government of India also issued warning for using cell phones by children and pregnant ladies. Therefore, lot of people feel confused about these warning and they want to know the truth. Below, people can find one report on number of studies available on cell phone and their use. Therefore, people can get some idea that cell phones are harmful for them for not.

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Importance of Dining Room

Dining room in every home is a place where all members of family can set together for enjoying food. In ancient times, it was custom that all family members should eat together. However, in present fast life, this custom slowly got disappeared from our lives. It is believed that when people eat together then they get a chance to talk with each other and also understand each other better. Today, people have dining rooms in their homes where family member enjoy food together. People can easily choose attractive Dining Tables for their dining rooms for making it to look perfect. Good and attractive room also encourage people to eat well. Therefore, it is very important to have a good dining room in any home. Furniture markets are full of many good options for the people, which people can exploit as per their need and taste. Overall, dining room is also very essential part of any house; therefore, people should give proper importance to it.

Inflation broke 13 years record, what next?

Today, new figure of inflation for week ending June 7, 2008 surprised every Indian because inflation figures have seen a rise of more than 2 % in just one week. Now, inflation has touched new height with value of 11.05% which is highest value of inflation in last 13 years. Somewhat increase in inflation was expected by experts because of rise in petrol and gas prices.

Last time, in 1995 in the Month of May inflation was reported 11.11%, after which inflation never again touched back this height. However, this time inflation is making new records and moreover, there are good chances that inflation value can further increase in future because crude oil and palm oil prices are still not stable in world market. Last week, inflation figure was only 8.75% and people only expected marginal increase in inflation this week.

However, new figures of inflation surprised every person. These increasing figures are also pointing towards increasing difficulties for common Indians, who are already suffering from massive price rise of essential commodities. Major Price rise is seen in eatable items which effects very hardly to general public of India. People’s kitchen budget is rising at alarming rate every month, thus collapsing total budget of ordinary Indians.

Prices of most of the essential eatable items have already seen many times jumps. However, government of India also look helpless in this situation and they are only using wait and watch strategy. This rising inflation is a big alarm for government of India and people to wake up and look for some alternatives, otherwise soon situation can become out of control.

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Tata Nano and Rain worries

From the time, Tata has announced about their ambitious project of making world’s cheapest car Nano, number of problems are coming one after the other in front of it. We all are aware about the Singur land dispute which delayed the Nano project by almost three months. Earlier advance booking of small car Nano was supposed to start from of June this year; however, land dispute delayed it up to September.

Already, Nano is a big hit worldwide and there are large numbers of people across India and world, who want to get it as soon as possible. Three month delay of booking was one big shock for Nano lovers. Presently, one more problem is causing worry in Nano plant and it is flood like situation due to heavy rain. From last few days, it is raining very heavily in Singur and adjacent areas.

Many parts of West Bengal are already suffering from heavy floods. This has caused difficulty in carrying out construction work at Singur plant. Also large numbers of trucks carrying essentials parts and machinery for Singur plant are not able to reach the construction site. Weather department has even predicted more rains in this area. Therefore, there are very less chances that situation will become smooth soon.

If situation continued like this then there are good chances that advance booking of Tata Nano will be delayed further by few more months, which will be a big shock for people who are waiting for Nano eagerly. For time being people can only pray to rain god that rain should stop in West Bengal so that construction work can again start in Singur plant.

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Watch Funny Commercial

Fun is very good for health. Below enjoy a funny commercial. Hope this commercial will make you laugh.

Amir do smoke when stressed

Everyone in India is aware of latest controversy related to smoking in Indian cinema. Health minister Ramadoss advised all Indian stars to refrain from smoking on big screen because it causes bad effect on children and people. Now, it is turn of Amir Khan who has confessed in his blog that he do smoke when he is stressed. People can watch complete report through video available below.

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About Candles

Candle is one thing which hardly requires any introduction especially in India because here most of people are brought up in candle light. Electricity shortage has always remained a big problem in India from many years and this problem is still present. Large numbers of houses in India use candles when electricity goes. Though, today there are numbers of options like electric batteries, inverters etc being used in many homes thus decreasing use of candles. Despite this candles are still very popular in many parts of India. Candles are not only popular in India but they are also very popular in most parts of world. In countries where electricity problem is not present there people use candles for candle light dinners. Therefore, we can say that candles are going to stay with us forever. People can easily find many attractive candles in the market like colourful candles, aroma candles, floating candles etc.

Thought of Day (19/06/08) 1

Find below Thought of Day for us. Hopefully this beautiful thought will make your day more beautiful.

"When people know you have given your very best, then they will usually support you."

- Andrew Matthews (Also visit- Book review- "Happiness Now" by Andrew Matthews)

Crossing our own limits

We all human beings have an ability of creating limits for ourselves. We create these limits for ourselves and mostly believe that we can never be able to break these limits. In this way people make certain perceptions about themselves and later these perceptions determine their success or failures in life. I have seen many potential people in life failing due to their negative perceptions about themselves and limits set for themselves.

It is very important for every person to learn that he is first required to believe himself then only others will start believing him. If we all want to achieve new heights in life then we are required to cross our own limits set for ourselves. For example, if we think that we can only work for five hours with concentration then we are required to work actually for ten hours with concentration for achieving success.

Success mostly requires more hard and concentrated efforts from us and people who give this become successful in life. We all can easily challenge our self and increase our performance with time and due efforts. In simple words, our first battle for achieving success start with ourselves only, if we can win this battle then we can also become successful.

Mostly, people who are able to defeat their own limits also become success in defeating enemies of the outer world. This is a simple formula for success which starts with us and ends with us. Therefore, now it only depends on us that we choose to fight with our self or world.

Importance of clean environment

It is very important to maintain proper hygienic conditions in our house because unhygienic environment increases many risks like water worn diseases, dust induced diseases, fungal infections etc. Therefore, it is very important for all us to live in a properly clean and healthy environment. In number of studies it is found that unhygienic conditions inside homes are one of the major causes behind many illnesses faced by people. People can easily find many attractive floor mops in market which make it very easy to clean floor with very less efforts. People can easily find many such options in the market which can help them in proper cleaning. Moreover, it is also very important to clean regularly because most of the risks develop when do not clean our home for long time. It is very important for people to learn the importance of proper cleaning.

Collection of “Thoughts of Day”

Find below collection of “Thoughts of Day” published on this blog in recent months. Through, this post people can find all the thoughts at one place. People can use these thoughts in number of ways like in sms, learning from them, teaching others etc.

1) “If we learn to translate every event of our life into a positive one, we will stop being a prisoner of our past and become architect of our future.” – Unknown Author
2) “Realize that life is a School and you are here to learn, pass all your tests. Problems are simply part of curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you will learn will last a lifetime.”
3) “Life isn’t fair but it’s still good.”
4) “Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.”
5) " No man in the world is rich enough to to buy his own PAST. So enjoy each moment before it gets beyond reach..."-Author Unknown
7) "Selfishness contracts the personality rather than allowing it to expand to universal awareness."-By Swami RAMA
8) "Ignorant and unjust people are spiritually blind. Becuase of their selfish way of life, they do not accept reality."
9) "Young Age is the Budding Period of the Flower of Life and It needs protection so that the diverse opinions of others do not create confusion in the mind." By Swami Rama
10) "A person's strength needs to be tested often so that he learns to be self-reliant." -by Swami Rama
11) "Beauty is to be admired and not to be used, possessed, or destroyed."
12) "Being proud of one's own virtues and finding fault with others are the two defects which we do not preceive in us, though we do possess these."
13) "One, who is not a slave to sleep, idleness and wordly pleasures, but is a slave (devotee) to God; God listens to such a person and even obeys him." - Srimad Bhagavadgita
14) "This world is a mixture of two things: the good and the bad. The wise man selects and takes the good and leaves the bad."
15) "Beauty remains bound within the limitations of human realms if it is not appreciated heartily" - by Swami Rama
16)"When people know you have given your very best, then they will usually support you."- Andrew Matthews
17)"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for
something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how
really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with
your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savoured
Earl Nightingale
18)"The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it." -Michelangelo
19)"The happiest people don't bother about whether life is fair, They just make the most of what they have.

And is life "fair"? Probably not. But it doesn't matter why!
" - by Andrew Matthews
20)"No Time is a perfect time. If you really want to do something, you have to put the time aside, and then just do it." - Colin Martin
21)"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear." author unknown
22)"No one has to stay stuck. If you are serious, you can change old patterns. You're a human being- you're not a tree." - BY Andrew Matthews

Aishwarya Blogging

After Big Bachan Amitab, it is turn of Bachan Bahu Aishwarya to Blog. Below find report on Aishwarya’s blog post in RVG’s blog. In her blog post, Aishwarya is defending her husband Abhishek Bachan. Really, a great show of love in Blogging style by Bachan Bahu.

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Some decisions which affect our life direction?

In life, we all face number of situations when we take some decisions related to life, career or relationship etc. Some of these decisions become so important in our life that they even change the direction of our life. Numbers of times due to these decisions, people life change completely. Results also differ in different cases; in some cases results remain very positive while in some other cases result remain very negative.

Moreover, nothing can be done with life once these decisions are taken by us. Therefore, importance of taking these decisions in right spirit become very essential for all of us. In positive cases, no one bother about the decisions taken earlier because results are positive. While in negative cases, people mostly repent their decisions in later age. It is very important to take any decision with proper care and understanding while considering all facts because these decisions once taken cannot be reversed back.

However, large numbers of people, due to lack of clear thinking or in the influence of others take wrong decisions which later make their lives very hard. These wrong decisions can totally change the life directions of people while killing all dreams of life. In these cases, people are forced to do number of things which they never wanted to do, however, now they have only option available with them to live this life.

Few examples of such decisions are marrying a wrong girl, choosing a wrong career, trusting wrong friends etc. We all are required to understand one thing clearly in life that our decisions affect us maximum therefore we should take them after proper consideration and study.

Learn about Marketing and Branding

In online world, every person knows the importance of marketing and branding. It is very much possible for online marketers to create an edge for themselves by giving proper importance to marketing and branding. People can target marketing and branding in different steps or they have the option of targeting them together.

Both proper marketing and branding are very essential for the success of any online business. Marketing help us in telling our strong points to potential clients and banding creates a trust for our products and services. Therefore, it becomes very important to get the proper help of branding and marketing.

One such good option of learning more about marketing, branding and hospitality is Schlossy's Blog. This blog cover lot of areas related to these fields. People can easily learn about number of skills they require for getting maximum use of these wisdoms. Blogs like this have emerged as great source of information in front of us.

Today, we can easily find many blogs online which are full of lot of useful information for us. We all are required to exploit these opportunities of getting free and useful help available through these blogs. In future, also I will update many such useful blogs which have useful material for readers

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Videos of Ishmeet

Today, Ishmeet Singh of Ludhiana has emerged as a great singer in front of us. Many people in Punjab and world have become fans of this new sensational singer. Below people can enjoy three video performances of Ishmeet in Show Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar. Hope Ishmeet fans will enjoy these videos.

Ishmeet - Jashn-E-Bahaara (Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar)

Ishmeet - Suno Na (Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar)

Ishmeet - Chak De India (Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar)

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Defaming Love

I have always respected love in my life and I believe love as one of greatest emotion present in this world. Love has great power stored in it to transform the lives of people and forcing them to do miracles. Power of love can be equated with God because love is beloved as one way to reach near god. Despite knowing all these facts, there are lot of people present in the world who defame love.

In a recent episode, a Jammu girl and her boyfriend was sentenced to life imprisonment after they were found guilty of giving poison to girl’s ex-boyfriend and fiancé. Earlier, this girl had five year long love affair with the person killed and they jointly decided to go for MBA course in Pune. In Pune, Girl met with some other guy and fall in love with him again.

Now girl wanted to marry the new person and leave the earlier lover and fiancé, however, she did not know the way to again convince her parents and ex-boyfriend. Therefore, she and her new boy friend discovered a new way to solving this problem. They decided to poison ex-boyfriend of girl. Therefore, they gave him poison in Sai Baba’s parsad. Though, they both made a very perfect plan, however, later on investigation police got to learn about this matter. These kinds of episodes really defame love.

True love can never kill a person and love only knows to give life to a person. However, in the present world it has become a trend to use love for completing our hidden desires. Therefore, people use love by pretending as true lovers. This is a very bad trend which has started in present world and if not stopped soon then it will remove true lovers trust on love.

Video interview of Shahid Kapoor for Film Kismat Konnection

Enjoy video interview of Shahid Kappor about his forthcoming film Kismat Konnection. In this film, he will be seen with Vidya Balan. After the success of Jab we met, Shahid Kapoor is also very excited about the success of this film.

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Who can forgive me?

Sometimes, in life we find ourselves in very strange situations where we find it very difficult to get some answers. One of such answer which many people search in this world is who can forgive them. In life, we all take number of decisions and steps where we do not have any clear idea of what is right for us. Therefore, we take decisions depending on few facts and perceptions.

We never know exactly in these situations that we are taking the right decision or not, therefore, a guilt of may have taken a wrong decision haunt us for whole life. In these kinds of situations, we find ourselves in very helpless position because we mostly do not know where we can find our answers. These kinds of the situations are very often faced by people who give lot of importance to emotions than the logics.

Many times, we also have straight logics available in front of us still our mind tells us to believe something else. These are really very complex situations, though they are simultaneously no situations at all because they are created by our emotional guilt. These situations even become more difficult when we realise at later stage that we have taken a wrong decisions and have hurt the feelings of some other person.

This dilemma leads a situation of confusion and we ask this question from ourselves that who can forgive us? This uncertainty can be very fatal and can even cause lot of damage to person. Therefore, best solution available in this kind of situation is accepting the law of karma and taking decisions best as per law of karma.

Later in life, even if these decisions become wrong still we should not worry about this outcome because we took a best decision in past as per the law of Karma (as told in Srimad Bhagwad Gita). In life, we can never become 100% sure about a decision; therefore, we have to take some calculated risks.

Yoga Video Swami Ramdev (Kapaalbhanti)

Below people can find KAPAALBHANTI PRANAYAAM yoga videos of Baba Ramdev. Kapaalbhanti yoga is one of the greatest yoga wisdom available in front of us for solving number of stomach related problems. Even with this yoga, people can significantly reduce their stomach size. Obesity has already become big problems among Indians and every year number of obese people is increasing in India. With the help of age old wisdom of Yoga, people can easily fight this problem and become more active. This Yoga also helps people in smoothly maintaining number of organs and hormones in body. Now, it only depends upon us that we want to benefit from this wisdom or not.

Video 1-

Video 2-

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Why should people attend Baba Ramdev Yoga Camps?

Below people can find video of Swami Ramdev explaining people about the benefits of Yoga and why people should attend his Yoga camps. In this video, Ramdev is explaining benefits of Yoga and attending Yoga camps. In video, Baba Ramdev is showing few breathing exercises and Yogas to people. Baba is also explaining the benefits of simple Yoga like Pranayam and how many illnesses including cancer can be treated with it. This video is in Hindi, therefore, who do not understand Hindi cannot understand it. This is very positive video and can help people in adding Yoga in their lives.

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Watch Trailer Kamal Hasan’s Dasavatharam

Below enjoy the trailer of costliest film of India “Dasavatharam”. This is film is made with huge cost of Rs 65 crore by Kamal Hasan. After big court battle, this film finally hit theatres today. Presently, only Tamil version of film is released and for watching Hindi version, we are required to wait two more weeks.

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Review- Mere Baap Pehle Aap

There are few films from which we have lot of hopes and Priyadarshan’s “Mere Baap Pehle Aap” is also one of them. With good star cast of Paresh Rawal, Akshaye Khanna and Om Puri, people have many positive hopes from this film because concept of this film was very unique. Therefore, people thought that when this unique concept will get mixed with strong presentation of Priyadarshan then they will have a laughter blast in front of them.

It is sad to say but this film does not meet the expectations of people to large extent. Though, film start well and provide hope of a good film, however, film starts going out of track after some time. Laughter which is required to be main attraction of this film remains weak at number of points. Main attraction of the film is performance of Om Puri, who has given his best performance.

Other actors are also good in their acting up to some extent, however, main problem remain with the presentation and direction of film. Story of film revolves around a widower father and his two sons. Father’s role is performed by Paresh Rawal and two sons are Manoj Joshi and Akshaye Khanna. Om Puri is performing the role of Paresh Rawal’s best friend. Om Puri is playing a divorcee and he always remains in search of a new young wife, which creates problems for both Om Puri and Paresh Rawal.

Akshaye Khanna helps his father in rediscovering his old love (played by Shobana). Akshaye also falls in love with Genelia D'souza during this journey. This film can be made many times better if Priyadarshan has handled it in a better way. Still this film offer some attraction and lighter moments which make it a film of one time watch, though, there is not much to expect from this film at end.

Point- 2/5
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Movie Review- Dasavatharam

Among the films releasing today, Dasavatharam is most hyped and anticipated film both in Hindi and Tamil. Though, today this film is released in Tamil only and Hindi version of film will be released after two weeks. Despite this, Dasavatharam is able to create big curiosity in the minds of Hindi film viewers. Already, 20 lakh advance tickets of this film are sold and therefore, this film is already houseful for next two weeks.

Watch Trailer Kamal Hasan’s Dasavatharam

Kamal Hasan fans are already very existed about this film and want to watch this film as soon as possible. So far, this is one of biggest budget film in Indian film industry made with a whooping cost of 65 crore rupees. The main attraction of this film is 10 different avatars of Kamal Hasan showing him in 10 different characters. This film also fought court battle because of objections raised over this film by some Hindu organisations for hurting sentiments of Hindus.

Film stars back in 12th century showing Kamal Hasan giving his life for his devotion for Lord Vishnu. Later Kamal Hasan take nine more characters to save world from biological warfare which is the main part of film and full of extraordinary action and graphics. During his nine avatars Kamal Hasan reach many different parts of world to save world from biological war, thus providing an opportunity to watch many attractive locations while enjoying action and fun.

Kamal Hasan has again done an excellent job by making this film which will be remembered for many years in Indian cinema and change the way of film production in India. Though, this film has some weakness when it comes to story because story looks weak at number of places and some acts provide no logic. After watching complete film 10 avatars slightly look forced on the film, still this film is a good experiment in India cinema and will definitely increases the level of Indian cinema.

Other main attraction of this film is excellent acting of Kamal Hasan which make Dasvtharam a good film to watch. Overall, Dasavtharam is a good watch at least for great graphic work, Kamal Hasan’s acting, imagination and world travel. Though, this film is not his best film but still this film will do good business and become hit, rest it depends on the individual taste and his fan following.

Points- 3/5

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Going for Modern Trends

It is very important for every person to give importance to things which belong to his time because otherwise it may become difficult for him to create balance in life and world. Mostly, we say these kinds of people as modern who follow the latest trends. Moreover, there are number of advantages also associated with going for modern trends like getting advantage of modern innovation mixed with old wisdom. This thing also comes out true for Contemporary Furniture. Due to this reason, we are seeing increase in the demand of contemporary furniture in present world. Modern furniture represents the modern thinking of people and modern furniture is also convenient in number of ways for the people. People can easily find many unique designs of such furniture in market easily.

Thought of Day (11/6/08)

Below find beautiful thought of day for you. Hope this though will make your day beautiful.

If we learn to translate every event of our life into a positive one, we will stop being a prisoner of our past and become architect of our future.” – Unknown Author

Video of Lion Loving men

Mostly, when we start thinking about Lions then a fear start entering in our mind because we believe Lions as very dangerous animals. However, despite this threatening and wild look of Lions, we can still find some examples of lions where they showed love and respect for people, who cared for them. Below can find one such video where we can see love between lion and man. This is a very interesting video which that love can exist between wild animal and man.

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Video of Leopard attacking

Leopard is a wild animal and it is notorious for attacking human. In India, attacks by the leopard on men and children are a common thing. Mostly, Leopard do not want to hurt human, however, due to shrinkage of living area of leopards and decrease in their food, they are forced to attack human. Below, you can find an interesting video of Leopard attacking forest rangers freeing him in Jungle. The origin of this video is in Africa. This is very unique video which shows the attacking power of Leopard.

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Habit of lying

Every person in this world encounters number of people who are expert in telling lies. Some of the people remain so proficient in telling lies that we start believing their lies as truth. Mostly, it remains very difficult to catch lies of these people. If any how we are able to catch their lies even then these people never accept that they have told anything wrong or lied. These kinds of people go on defending their words and actions with further justifications.

Mostly these people come under the category of people who have great experience of telling lies and convincing people about their lies. Many people become fool when they take these lies as truth, it took many years to understand these well spoken lies and sometimes people even never come to know about lies told to them for whole life. Overall, it is not a right thing to tell lie or make others fool by telling lies; however, there are many people with weak moral values in our world who use lying for convincing others.

Numbers of people who constantly lie and become habitual in lying and sometimes even they do not know that they are lying. Lying is a very bad habit and it only creates problems in life. People who lie mostly got caught at some point in time and other people slowly start avoiding and not trusting these kinds of people. At this point, these people repent their decision of getting help of lying for solving their problems.

We all get this life for one time; therefore it is important for every person to understand the importance of life. Lying only spoil our and others life, therefore we are required to avoid telling lies. By avoiding habit of lying in life, we can easily live a happy life in this world and creating a better world for all.

Review- Reliance Super Ludhiana

Reliance has already established a big place for it in the booming retail market of India. Already, medium sized Reliance Fresh stores are offering good service to people across India. Punjab has emerged as a big market for these big retail players and therefore, these retail giants are targeting big cities of Punjab like Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Amritsar etc. Newly opened Reliance Super store in the basement of Flamez Mall is presently a new attraction in Ludhiana.

At Reliance Super store people can easily buy anything from electronics to vegetables, eatables to apparels etc. Hardly, there is anything which people cannot find in this store. Already, many people are finding this store an attractive option for buying important items. So far, this is the only big store available in Ludhiana where people can easily buy all items under the same roof. Moreover, at Reliance Super people can get many attractive deals and discounts from time to time for Reliance One card holders.

In future, these kinds of stores will become big reality and mostly people will then like to buy essential items from these stores only. Reliance Super is also expanding its store on 3rd floor of Flamez Mall, which will take some time in completion. After completion, this will be biggest store available in Ludhiana where we can easily buy anything of our requirement. People of Ludhiana are really getting many world class facilities in their own city thanks to retail boom of India.

Latest Aishwarya's Interview to Times Now

Find below exclusive interview of Aishwarya Rai Bachan to Times Now, where she is discussing about her life after marriage. In interview, Aishwarya is giving answer to questions being asked by anchor Tamanna. These questions provide lot of inside on the aishwarya’s life after marriage and what she thinks about working with other actors, managing work and marriage life etc. Even after marriage, Aishwarya is still in big demand and there are many fans who want to know about their favorite star.

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Trailer Movie “Doomsday”

Find trailer of Forthcoming action movie Doomsday. This film is full of many thrilling actions and it is continuation of earlier film series invasion. We can hope for some good action and thrill from this movie which is becoming clear after watching trailer of this film.

Ramayana and Our Faith

Ashok Vatika
Ravan Palace

Sugriva Cave

Nasa Picture
Sanjivai Mountain

Floating Stone

Ramayana is one great religious literature present in India which has influenced very large number of people from many centuries. However, in last few years some political leaders have made it a matter of pride to prove this sacred book as epic only and not having any link with the reality. Therefore, some doubts have emerged in the minds of people whether Ramayana is a real story or it is just a myth created to influence people.
After all these controversies, Government of Sri Lanka came forward with their archaeological research work on number of sites believed as belonging to period of Ramayana. These discovered sites include Ashok Vatika, cave of Sugriv, Ravan palace, Sanjivani Mountain etc. Though still we require more study on these sites for discovering their real fact, however, present Indian government looks very less interested in providing any help to government of Sri Lanka because they think that if all this found correct then it can help BJP more than ruling party.
This approach is not right and acceptable in any way because people of India have full right to know what is true. Ramayana still today greatly influence lives of many people in India and therefore, it become job of Indian government to present real facts in front of people. In future, we can hope for many more real facts coming in front of us and making our trust on Ramayana stronger.

Inside cause Amit Bhudiraja and Rinku Sachdeva Case

Murder and Suicide episode of highly educated and talented couple Amit Budhiraja and Rinku Sachdeva shocked whole nation. At that time, most of the people were forced to think that why all this happened with this modern and educated couple. What forced Amit to kill his wife and later committing suicide? What Rinku did which irritated and forced Amit to do this act?

Answers of number of these questions remain hidden under modern problem arising from the fight of male ego with modern female ego. It is still very difficult for majority of Indian males to watch their wives talking to some other males, hugging them or having proximal relations with them. This thing reflects old psychology of Indian male where male mostly want their wife to remain inside the walls of home and not to interact with other males.

Second some women of India are also crossing their limits and becoming extra open. After marriage, it is very important for both male and female to avoid such kind of activities which irritate the other person. If couple start indulging in extramarital affair and do not respect their marriages then chances of marriage going wrong are very common. Due to this reason, we see so many marriages not lasting for more than few years.

In the Amit and Rinku case situation also become so violent when male ego of Amit clashed with modern female ego of Rinku. Rinku Sachdeva was a modern girl and therefore, she had different approach for life and open nature, while Amit Budhiraja was still not much open for such activities. This situation caused a problem in their relation and series of other acts forced Amit to do such act.

However, it would have been better if both Amit and Rinku discussed their priorities clearly before marriage and how much free space they can give back to each other after marriage. It is very easy to make relations after or before marriage, however, it is a very difficult task to confine oneself within the boundaries of marriage and giving it full importance. I am not blaming Rinku only, however, I am blaming our decreasing trust on the great institution of marriage.

Any male will also be blamed similarly if he indulges in such relations after marriage which are not liked by his wife, in this case his wife can kill him or commit suicide. If a husband and a wife cannot trust each other or share their emotions with each other then they are not made for each other. These kinds of couple only fool each other and give wrong signals in the society.

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Maintaining Proper conduct

It is very essential for all of us to pay our loans on time otherwise many problems can arise in front of us. I have seen many people losing their hard earned properties because they found it hard to repay their debts and loans on time. Many times lenders are forced to start foreclosure proceeding because of poor loan repayment by the owners of house. Law provides numbers of options in front of both lender and owner to secure their rights. Therefore, both can use their rights in case of anyone moving away from his commitment. People are required to give proper importance to all the commitments and must have proper plans for loan repayment. Mostly, it is very easy to get loans, however, in number of cases people do not have proper planning for repaying these loans. Thus people mostly suffer at the end and lose their hard earned property.

Thought of Day (7/6/08)

Below find three beautiful thoughts of Day for you. Hope these thoughts will inspire you to live a more fulfilling life.

1) Realize that life is a School and you are here to learn, pass all your tests. Problems are simply part of curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you will learn will last a lifetime.
2) Life isn’t fair but it’s still good.
3) Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

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Aishwarya in 61st Cannas and Dress Controversy

Aishwarya Rai always attracts the attention of people wherever she goes in this world. All this become true when Aishwarya was seen in 61st Cannas film festival with her husband Abhishek Bachan. Aishwarya has now become a constant visitor to this film festival. Aishwarya always choose a bold dress for this festival which some time caused few controversies. This time Aishwarya took part as Bachan Behu, therefore, people have certain expectation from her. However, controversies related to her bold dress again caused some hype in media and India. Below, you can find video of Aishwaya Rai Bachan from Cannas Film festival and report on controversy over her dress.

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Video on Climbing and Tracking

Tracking is slowly gaining lot of acceptance among people as a pass time adventure. Therefore, we can easily find many artificial climbing walls in India where people can easily learn climbing. Below find video of such activity.

Review Movie- Woodstock Willa (Stay Out)

There are many movies made in Bollywood which can be easily avoided and Woodstock Willa is one of them. There is nothing new in this film when we ask about story because similar story got repeated in many earlier films also. Story of film revolves around the murder mystery where a wife of business tycoon is first kidnapped and then killed.

New entry Sikander Kher show some promise for future, however, he also look helpless in front of bad story and direction. Neha Oberoi is looking very bad in film both in acting and look. First half of the film is really fine and before interval it looks that something interesting is stored in second half. However, second half of film is worst part of film missing all parameters.

At number of places film become very baseless and going away from main point. Though, director has tried to present some twists in film but they are also helpless like the complete film. Songs of the film have slight hope, however, we cannot expect any wonder from them. This film almost looks like a next flop film and after one week, reviews are also same for this film.

Therefore, people who have not watched this film so far can easily avoid this film. Moreover, this film is even not worth watching on small screen because second half of film is completely a time waste.

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Drama of Left Parties

For my whole life, I have never been able to understand Indian left parties because mostly we find them in confusing conditions. We can give example of present condition where Left Parties are supporting UPA lead government at one hand and agitating against price hike by government at other hand. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine that what the actual stand of left parties is?

Left parties only looks confusing people by taking double stands and going to any extend for remaining in power. It is clear to every Indian that Left parties are big obstacle in signing of nuclear deal with US and these parties have tried every tactics to stop India from becoming a stable nation in the field of nuclear power generation.

If India signs nuclear deal with US then it will become much easier for India to progress in the nuclear power generation and we can easily generate most of extra power required by us. Moreover, our dependency on other sources of power generation will decrease considerably leading to less exploitation of these sources. Nuclear power will also decrease our dependence of oil and gas, thus stabilising their prices in market.

However, left parties are more interested in their politics than the actual benefit of people. One side left parties claim that they are with common people, however on the other hand they take stands which are against common people. Their actions only look like a drama created to make innocent people fool. People of India also need to understand these facts and avoid giving votes to such parties which are against their good life.

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