Beauty of Blogging

Today, Blog sphere has really grown up and become an interesting option for reading useful information on numbers of topics. Numbers of blogs have established a separate space for themselves and they are enjoying good readership. Some blogger have opted for general topics, while there are many who have opted for niche segments. In both categories, many blogs are doing excellent.

Recently, I suddenly landed on a blog dedicated to jellyfish. This was a small blog with few hundred posts; however, there were more than thousand people who have subscribed to its RSS reader. I only want to say that it possible for any blogger to create big impact with blog if he follows a constant and disciplined approach for blogging.

I always feel very happy by encouraging new blogger who show good potential for future. One of such blog is Ranga's doodles. I really enjoyed reading some of posts on this blog. It is a blog of a matured male and father of two sons named Santhosh and Anand. Though, it is comparatively a new blog, however, I am sure that soon this blog will provide lot of good read to us.
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