Crossing our own limits

We all human beings have an ability of creating limits for ourselves. We create these limits for ourselves and mostly believe that we can never be able to break these limits. In this way people make certain perceptions about themselves and later these perceptions determine their success or failures in life. I have seen many potential people in life failing due to their negative perceptions about themselves and limits set for themselves.

It is very important for every person to learn that he is first required to believe himself then only others will start believing him. If we all want to achieve new heights in life then we are required to cross our own limits set for ourselves. For example, if we think that we can only work for five hours with concentration then we are required to work actually for ten hours with concentration for achieving success.

Success mostly requires more hard and concentrated efforts from us and people who give this become successful in life. We all can easily challenge our self and increase our performance with time and due efforts. In simple words, our first battle for achieving success start with ourselves only, if we can win this battle then we can also become successful.

Mostly, people who are able to defeat their own limits also become success in defeating enemies of the outer world. This is a simple formula for success which starts with us and ends with us. Therefore, now it only depends on us that we choose to fight with our self or world.
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