Review- Reliance Super Ludhiana

Reliance has already established a big place for it in the booming retail market of India. Already, medium sized Reliance Fresh stores are offering good service to people across India. Punjab has emerged as a big market for these big retail players and therefore, these retail giants are targeting big cities of Punjab like Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Amritsar etc. Newly opened Reliance Super store in the basement of Flamez Mall is presently a new attraction in Ludhiana.

At Reliance Super store people can easily buy anything from electronics to vegetables, eatables to apparels etc. Hardly, there is anything which people cannot find in this store. Already, many people are finding this store an attractive option for buying important items. So far, this is the only big store available in Ludhiana where people can easily buy all items under the same roof. Moreover, at Reliance Super people can get many attractive deals and discounts from time to time for Reliance One card holders.

In future, these kinds of stores will become big reality and mostly people will then like to buy essential items from these stores only. Reliance Super is also expanding its store on 3rd floor of Flamez Mall, which will take some time in completion. After completion, this will be biggest store available in Ludhiana where we can easily buy anything of our requirement. People of Ludhiana are really getting many world class facilities in their own city thanks to retail boom of India.
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