Ramayana and Our Faith

Ashok Vatika
Ravan Palace

Sugriva Cave

Nasa Picture
Sanjivai Mountain

Floating Stone

Ramayana is one great religious literature present in India which has influenced very large number of people from many centuries. However, in last few years some political leaders have made it a matter of pride to prove this sacred book as epic only and not having any link with the reality. Therefore, some doubts have emerged in the minds of people whether Ramayana is a real story or it is just a myth created to influence people.
After all these controversies, Government of Sri Lanka came forward with their archaeological research work on number of sites believed as belonging to period of Ramayana. These discovered sites include Ashok Vatika, cave of Sugriv, Ravan palace, Sanjivani Mountain etc. Though still we require more study on these sites for discovering their real fact, however, present Indian government looks very less interested in providing any help to government of Sri Lanka because they think that if all this found correct then it can help BJP more than ruling party.
This approach is not right and acceptable in any way because people of India have full right to know what is true. Ramayana still today greatly influence lives of many people in India and therefore, it become job of Indian government to present real facts in front of people. In future, we can hope for many more real facts coming in front of us and making our trust on Ramayana stronger.
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