Government may put limit of Yearly Gas consumption

Already, large numbers of Indians across India are suffering from recent price hike in Gas cylinder prices. Though, some state governments have provided few reliefs for people, however, in rest of India there is no relief available for people and if any relief is available then it is not sufficient. Now, government has one new plan for helping oil companies in decreasing their subsidy burdens, which can create unrest in general public.

According to latest news available in media, there are chances that government can put limit on yearly consumption of gas cylinder by regular users for putting control of black marketing of gas cylinders. As per the studies available with government, a particular family use around seven gas cylinders per year on average. Therefore, panel of experts which submitted this report wants to limit supply of subsidised cylinders to any family by seven cylinders per year and if any family uses more than seven cylinders in a year then remaining cylinders should be given at market price.

If these demands are accepted by government then people’s gas cylinder related worries can increase significantly. Moreover, this panel has also asked government to totally remove subsidy from Petrol and limit supply of gasoline oil to families living below poverty line. Also this panel want government to decrease subsidy on Diesel. Now, in future, if all these opinions are implemented by government then it will definitely become very difficult for common people to survive.

If comes to effect then these rules will affect middle class family most because poor families use less than seven cylinders per year and they do not have cars and bikes. Middle class is already suffering in a big way in India. In future, if crude oil prices remained increasing in this way then we should not be surprised to see such rules becoming reality soon in India.

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