Increasing trend of Abroad Vacations

In recent years, India has seen a major jump in numbers of people who love to spent vacations abroad. Earlier, Indians were only holding few percentage in overall foreign travel, therefore, foreign country do not have specific offers for Indians. However, after post globalisation, Indians have emerged as major lover of foreign travel and there number is on constant rise. Therefore, most of the nations have started to respect Indian tourists and even they now have number of exclusive discounts and plans for Indians.

This is really good news for Indians. Large numbers of Indian love to visit southeast countries because of ease of reaching there and less cost associated with these travels. Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines etc are among most preferred nations on this route. People can easily opt for number of packages costing only few thousand rupees for visiting these nations. Most of the packages are easily available on leading travel websites or can be purchased from local travel agents.

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