Defaming Love

I have always respected love in my life and I believe love as one of greatest emotion present in this world. Love has great power stored in it to transform the lives of people and forcing them to do miracles. Power of love can be equated with God because love is beloved as one way to reach near god. Despite knowing all these facts, there are lot of people present in the world who defame love.

In a recent episode, a Jammu girl and her boyfriend was sentenced to life imprisonment after they were found guilty of giving poison to girl’s ex-boyfriend and fiancĂ©. Earlier, this girl had five year long love affair with the person killed and they jointly decided to go for MBA course in Pune. In Pune, Girl met with some other guy and fall in love with him again.

Now girl wanted to marry the new person and leave the earlier lover and fiancĂ©, however, she did not know the way to again convince her parents and ex-boyfriend. Therefore, she and her new boy friend discovered a new way to solving this problem. They decided to poison ex-boyfriend of girl. Therefore, they gave him poison in Sai Baba’s parsad. Though, they both made a very perfect plan, however, later on investigation police got to learn about this matter. These kinds of episodes really defame love.

True love can never kill a person and love only knows to give life to a person. However, in the present world it has become a trend to use love for completing our hidden desires. Therefore, people use love by pretending as true lovers. This is a very bad trend which has started in present world and if not stopped soon then it will remove true lovers trust on love.
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