Travelling Alone in Life

Most of time, in life we all remain in the search of good people, friends, husbands, wives etc. Though, most of the time we also find many good people during the journey of our lives, however, after some years, we realise that no relation remains constant forever in this world. With time, people change and their expectations from us change, similarly, we also change and our expectations from others also change.

Many times, these changes leads to following separate paths in life journey, therefore, we again find ourselves in alone state. Second, we also remain in the risk of becoming dependable on these people and when they leave us we find ourselves in the very difficult situation. These situations can have different effect on the life of different people but at some time in life, we all face pain of separation.

Therefore, most of the saints from across the world advice people to follow the path of travelling alone in life. Travelling alone does not mean not making relations in this world with other people but it stresses on not indulging in these relations or having expectation from them. We should always have the courage to follow our paths of life alone without the help of others.

In this world, all people come alone and finally, they also have leave this world alone, therefore, our basic nature also guide us to travel alone in life, though, we can very well ask supreme power for his guidance.

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