Does cricket offer a good career option for youth?

Recently, we all witnessed the great performance from our cricketer in all big cricket games whether it is winning 20-20 world cup or winning series in Australia or winning under 19 worlds Cup, every win has strengthened the hold of cricket in India. Today, people around India are jubilant about the game of cricket and are hopeful that their team will also win ODI world cup next time. The most interesting factor in these win is contribution of young players, mostly those who are coming from small cities of India.

In just few months, earnings of most of cricket players have seen major jump and cricketers have many options of earnings available in front of them. One of the examples of this was available during IPL bidding when many young players grabbed deals worth of crores of rupees. Even this time under 19 players earned 15 Lakh rupees for winning world cup and they are also expected to earn more money in next IPL bidding which is scheduled soon. Big top guns of Indian cricket like Dhoni, Yuvrag, Sachin are already earning crores of rupees alone from advertisements and endorsements.

IPL and ICL have even increased available opportunities to many times for these new players, therefore, now many young cricketers can hope to grab excellent deals in future. Cricket career can be the most profitable career available in India to millions of youth which has earning potential of crores rupees in early twenties while when most of other youth are busy with their studies. Though, all this does not mean that every person should enter the game of cricket because cricket may not provide right option to all, second wide spread corruption and irregular rules can even spoil the lives of others also.

Therefore, it is very important to enter in the game of cricket, if you have passion for cricket and not for just making few crores. Overall, game of cricket is providing a good opportunity to millions of youths in India and we can hope that more new string players will emerge in future.

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