Thoughts on Women's Day

Today, we are celebrating International women day to show our tribute to the contributions made by women in this world. In recent times, women around the world have seen lot of improvement in their living standard, especially in countries like India this improvement is significant. Therefore, this day is also celebrated in India with full respect to women, who have made significant contributions in business, politics, career, general life etc.

Lot of people in India celebrate this day by sending flowers, cards or SMSs to their mother, sister, wife or other female friends. However, still there is lot which is required to be done to provide more help to women of India because even today, millions of women in India are not able to use all of their basic rights and are living under the influence of others. Second big issue which is required to be addressed is thinking of large number of people about women which still believe women as second class citizens or simple burdens.

These people can accept women as their mothers, wives or girl friends but they cannot accept them as their daughters. Every year, millions of unborn girls are killed without getting chance of seeing the word because of this people, who pretend to celebrate women day. Recently, one of my friends in medical field was approached by his highly educated and well settle friend to get help in performing a sex test for his first child because he did not want to give birth to a girl child and would go for absorption if sex test determines a girl.

All these things clearly indicate that how still some people’s thinking about women is not changing with time and they are still not ready to provide the right place for women in this world. Overall, we can hope for positive changes in future where women become more independent and free to live as per their will and get all the real respect which they deserve.

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