Is Rakhi Sawant Man?

This is a latest question which hundred of internet users are asking on the search engines like In last few months, I came across number of such key words searched on Google about Rakhi Sawant like “is rakhi sawant man”, “Rakhi Sawant man?”, “rakhi sawant women or man”, “rakhi sawant is she man”, “what is sex of Rakhi Sawant”, etc. In last three months, I came through slightly more than 100 of similar searches done by online users which landed on my website. All these queries really points towards a doubt in the mind of few people about the actual sex of Rakhi Sawant.

Though, I and most of people know or believe that Rakhi Sawant is a female and she is not required to give any explanation on it. Rakhi Sawant is always known for her great level of energy, outspokenness and power, which is mostly not seen in girls or perceived like this; therefore many people find it hard to believe that Rakhi is an ordinary girl. Many people can conclude that these searches must be done by the people living outside India; however, around 60% of these searches are coming from India only.

Therefore, one thing becomes clear that there are few hundred or more people in India and world, who doubt Rakhi Sawant as a female. Though, all these findings will hardly matter to Rakhi Sawant because her name has already become a popular search engine key world on internet and she also enjoys a big brand image which even many big celebrities and leaders do not have. Moreover, even these findings are only going to further increase her popularity with the people.

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