Anil Ambani to become richest person of world soon

Few months back, I reported that Mukesh Ambani has become the richest person of world due to the increase in Indian share market. Even today, he almost holds his position as richest person of world but soon he will lose his first position to another person and this new person is nobody else than his own younger brother Anil Ambani. After the listing of Reliance power shares, Anil Ambani owned Reliance group is set to become the biggest business group and he is all set to become the richest person of world.

Very less people in India and world has this belief that these two brothers will go so high after following separate paths. Ambani brothers are going beyond all the expectations and showing Indians that how Indians are all set to rule the world. When asked question about becoming richer than his brother than Anil Ambani said that he will always remain smaller than his brother irrespective of whatever wealth generated by him.

Anil Ambani group will gain around 23-30 billion (depending upon final listing of IPO) from Reliance power shares IPO which is enough for making Anil Ambani richest Indian and also richest person of world. After the huge demand for Reliance IPO, there are many chances that this IPO will definitely list at higher end of price and provide good increase in the total wealth of Anil Ambani in future. Therefore days are not far when Anil Ambani will cross his brother Mukesh Ambani mark to become the richest person of world.

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