New and fast option of sending money to India for NRI

Today, large numbers of Indian origin people live in other countries of world. There will be hardly any nation in world where Indians are not living. In past Indian original people have migrated to all parts of the world due to various reasons. Today, these people hold good positions across the world and also earning good amount of money. Large number of these people still have their relatives and families living back in India and therefore, Non resident Indian Send Money to India.

This NRI money has played good role in the development of India and we can give credit for present Indian success to this support of money sent by NRI’s to India. As per some estimates total properties of NRI’s is even more than the total economy of India, therefore from here we can estimate the power of NRI Indians. However, still there are large number of NRI, who find difficulty in Money Transfer to India. Though, there are number of solutions presently available in market, however, problem is that people are required to follow number of process and most of these services are not fast and also charge lot of fee.

Now, there is one good and fast solution exist in front of people in the form of and with the help of this website, people can easily Send Money to India. The good news is that it cost only $5 for sending money. Ikobo send money with the help of visa money transfer method and receiver of the money is provided with a visa prepaid card which can be used at any visa ATM machine across India. This is really one fast and convenient method of sending money available in front of people for sending money to near and dear ones living back in India.
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