Dhoni and Shahrukh tops in the Advertisement earnings

Today, Indian ODI captain M S Dhoni and top film star Shahrukh Khan are two undoubted favourites of the advertising industry. Both these players are also top earner from advertisements in their respective categories. Shahrukh khan popularity in the advertising industry has increased many times due to the super success of his latest film “Om Shanti Om”. Presently, Shahrukh Khan is getting around 6.5 to 7.5 crore rupees per advertisement which is the highest amount paid in this category.

On the other side, Dhoni has also become more in demend in the advertising industry after becoming the captain of Indian ODI team and winning 20-20 world cup. Dhoni is presently getting around 4.5 core per advertisement which is highest is cricket players categories. He has also left behind one time top earner Sachin Tendulkar, he is presently getting 2 to 2.5 per ad. Other players like Saurav, Yuvraj, Pathan, Dravid etc are getting between 1 and 1.5 crore rupees per advertisement.

Both Dhoni and Shahrukh are clear cut winners when it comes to the earning from advertisement. Moreover, their earning from advertisements has more than doubled in recent few months. Due to the increasing popularity of Shahrukh and Dhoni more and more advertisers wants to take them in their ads and this rush is increasing the per ad cost of these stars. Even in future, there are very much chances of further increase in the earning of Dhoni and Shahrukh, if their popularity goes on increasing among the people of India.

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