Gujarat Election Battle

Gujarat elections are scheduled for 11th and 16th Dec, 2007 and counting of votes will start on 26 Dec. This is for the first time that Gujarat is going to poll in two phases. There are total 182 assembly seats in Gujarat for which polling will take place. Election commission has tried their best to insure the free and fair polls in Gujarat and for this purpose 39620 polling stations are made for the convenience of people.

Earlier election held in November 2002 and BJP got massive success with 127 seats won in this election against only 51 seats won by the Congress. However, at that BJP was blamed of fuelling communal tension and winning elections on fear factor. 2002 Gujarat election were also fought in the shadows of Godhra train burning episode and Gujarat riots, therefore many people doubted the free and fairness of those election.

However, on the other hand Narendra Modi CM of Gujarat remained a favourite and famous figure in the Gujarat and in this elections also, BJP totally depends on the Charming power of Narendra Modi for winning this Election. Congress looks weak when it comes to state leadership; however they are trying to compensate this loss by portraying their national leaders like Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi etc.

Recently, election commission has also issued notices to both BJP and Congress for using the wrong tone in their election speeches. At presently, Gujarat election has become a big battle ground and we are required to wait till 23 Dec for knowing the winner of Gujarat election.

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