Aish-Abhi marriage expenses haunting Bachan family

Hardly, Bachan family must have ever thought that marriage of Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai will create so many problems for them in future. It was clear for whole of India that it was one of the biggest marriages of the year and huge amount of money was spent by Bachan family on this marriage. Lot of many was spent on Mehndi, decoration and self grooming etc, as Sajot Mehndi was specially brought from Rajesthan, top beauticians were called and whole house is decorated with flowers.

Now, Tax department wants to know from the Bachan family that they have paid the service tax to government on these expenditures or not. However, Bachan family has termed this move of the tax department to harass them by asking expenditures details on the minor details like money spent on beauty parlours and flowers etc. Today, Rajya Sabha MP Jaya Bachan mother of Abhishek Bachan raised this question in the parliament and alleged that service tax rules are being misused for harassing their family on the wedding expenditure.

However, in reply government termed it as ordinary enquiry as per the rules of law. Therefore chances of any relief for Bachan family in this matter are very less and this matter can haunt them for more time.

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