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Pain of 84 riots and CBI saving culprits

Riots always leave painful memories behind them with number of innocent people becoming the victim of mob cruelties. Between October 31 and November 2 in 1984 many of the Sikh families living in various parts of India also saw these cruelties happening on them or their near or dear ones. Thousands of innocent Sikhs got killed on their own land for their no fault. Now question which comes in front of us is that why this incidence happened? Or why state machinery failed in providing security for these Sikh families? The answer to these questions is simple that number of big faces and leaders were themselves involved in these riots by fuelling the sentiments of people.

When these leaders were required to calm down agitating people then they were even more fuelling the riot fire. This problem may not have gone so bad if these so called big leaders have restricted themselves from the fuelling sentiments and even taking part in riots. It is a big reality in India that despite our so many claims of equality and secularism, Minorities have always suffered (not actually minorities but the common innocent people of India who have no relation with these problems). It looks that even after 60 years of getting freedom we have still not learned to love and respect each other.

Now after 23 years of these riots, one more tragedy is taking place and it is letting free culprits of 84 riots case. Let’s take the example of CBI letting free congress leader and main culprit Jagdish Tytler in 84 anti-Sikh riots due to the lack of evidences. Whereas on the other hand private TV channels are able to trace and contact the main witness whom our prime investigating agency fails in tracing. Today, we have some hope of providing justice to these innocent people died during the riots and therefore, it becomes the moral duty of all of us to punish culprit despite their status and power.

Watch video on this episode-

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  1. S. Jasbir Singh has recently got a lot of publicity where he is coming frequently on the TV Channel where he says that he has run away to America because he was threatened and afraid of Jagdish Tytler. The truth is that S. Jasbir Singh was charged u/s 398, 506/34 of the IPC for attempt to murder and he jumped bail. There is a open warrant for his arrest from the Hon. Court of Hon. Rajiv Mehta, Addl. Sessions Judge and has been declared as a “Proclaimed Offender (PO) on 21/1/2004 on an FIR No. 120/97 at Police Station Indraprasth Estate, New Delhi.


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