Pakistan is again under Emergency

Today, Pakistan entered in to the state of emergency for one more time. Pakistan President General Musharraf declared emergency in Pakistan with the help of a PCO (provisional constitutional order). State run television declared news about the emergency in the late evening today. Presently, Pakistan is in a state of total black out with all the information channels like TV channels, Telephones, mobiles and internet connection being jammed by army to stop them from functioning. However, state run PTV is allowed to air, its programs and news.

President Musharraf is trying to defend him in this case by putting blame of imposing emergency on the increasing militancy and interference by the judiciary in the state matters. Pakistan President has no option available with him because there were firm news in the media that Supreme Court of Pakistan is going to give decision against General Musharraf in the Presidential election related case where court has to decide whether Musharraf can fight in uniform or not. If this decision would have come then Musharraf could have faced big trouble because his term of President Musharraf is going to end on the 15th Nov.

Over all this exercise of emergency looks only initiated by Musharraf to retain supreme control of Pakistan. Supreme Court of the Pakistan has rejected the emergency move by the president thus creating a condition of uncertainty in Pakistan. Due to new PCO issued by the president, now all the judges of the Supreme Court are required to take oath again, however, so far all the judges of the Supreme Court have refused to do so. This emergency is a big setback to the people of Pakistan who were expecting democracy soon.

Though situations in Pakistan were really worrying but still there were number of other options available with Musharraf before restoring to emergency. This emergency can once again force people of Pakistan behind the rest of world. People of Pakistan will also remain derived of their basic rights till the emergency last in Pakistan. Overall clear picture of the whole situation hopefully will be available with us by the tomorrow morning.

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