General Musharraf address to nation- just an eye wash

Pakistan President General Musharraf today came on the state run PTV to tell people about the decision of emergency taken by him. This broadcast of the General Musharaf address started in the late mid night and last for about an hour. In the start, General Musharaf told to the world that he took this decision by considering Pakistan first and also ended his address in the same tone. In the address, General Musharraf tried to provide the detailed reasons behind the imposition of emergency.
In the start, he discussed the increasing state of terrorism in Pakistan and decreasing growth of Pakistan. Then, he discussed number of matter like Lal masjid attack, role of Supreme Court and failure of the political parties of Pakistan. However, there was nothing new for the listeners and the whole statement looks to be the version of General Musharraf. Most of the times during his address, he was only defending the decisions taken by him in past. He treated to portray himself as the supreme and only care taker of the Pakistan.
In the address, Musharaf has also shown number of dreams to the people and his commitments for the restoration of democracy soon. At the end, Musharaf also addressed the people and world in English and tried to explain the reasons behind the act. He also gave the reference of previous episodes and showed his commitment for the constitution of Pakistan. General Musharaf also told to the world that this was only option available with him and he is even ready to give his life for the nation.
However, we all know that most of the question remains unanswered because during the tenure of the Musharaf, Pakistan has not grown as desired and he himself is also responsible for the present condition of the Pakistan. Moreover imposing emergency was only resort available for him due to the possibility of negative decision against him from the Supreme Court.
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