Example of Extreme brutality against women (Watch)

Today, most of the nation shocked to see the misbehaviour with women in Assam. Most of the pictures which were shown on the television today have a very ugly story of human brutality to tell. Yesterday, few hundred tribal people living in Assam started their agitation for reservation in government jobs which is not available for these migrated tribal people which were basically brought here by the British for working in tea plantation. This whole agitation become violent and brutal when number of local residents and businessmen attacked on these tribal men and women with big rods and sticks.

Most of these agitating tribal people got injured in this whole incidence and one person died. However, major brutality of this complete violence came in front of people when people saw pictures of naked women running here and there for their safety. Not only the cloths of these women were torn by the mob but some even brutality kicked these naked women on their private parts. Some of these women were even reported being raped by mob. This issue has again brought in lime light the ugly face of men against the women. Most of these educated people crossed all the limits of insanity by doing this crime.

Really, these few people have put all of us in this shameful state. It is very hard to imagine that this kind of mentality is still prevalent among so called educated Indians. Moreover, the other amazing fact is that nobody came forward for the help of these tribal women among the thousands of spectators and number of police men. After the media and women rights intervention, three people involved in this incidence are arrested by the police. However, it will take many years to forget this brutality against women.

For pictures of brutality watch this video-

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