Pervez Musharraf is now a civilian President

Finally, Pervez Musharraf completed his much awaited dream of becoming President of Pakistan without the army uniform. Yesterday, General Musharraf handed over his army chief position in Pakistan army to Gen. Ashfaq Kayani. Gen. Kayani has always remained very close associate of Gen. Musharraf during his nine year tenure and he is believed to be very near to the Musharraf. Gen. Kayani has saved the life of Gen. Musharaf in two unsuccessful cope attempts. Gen. Kayani is also believed to be very near to America and Benazir Bhutto.

These developments are much anticipated after the increasing pressure on the General Musharraf to shed his Army uniform from US and other international powers. Prevaz Musharraf has almost cleared his way for becoming the new president of Pakistan by appointing new chief justice Abdhul hammed Dogar. By appointing a new chief justice in the backdrop of emergency, Musharraf easily got away from the cases running against him in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. After all these development, act of emergency only looks like a method used by Musharraf to save his skin.

Now Musharraf is first Army chief in the history of Pakistan to become President of Pakistan and future will tell how he will run Pakistan without the top position of army. At present army is the most powerful institution in Pakistan and therefore support of army play a crucial role in the success or failure of any political or other important move. Moreover, time will tell that Gen. Kayani will remain obedient to Musharraf in future or not and does Pakistan is heading towards true democracy?

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