A dull film (Movie Review-Beowulf)

Presently, a new trend has started in Hollywood of making films on the famous epic stories. Earlier this year, we saw much debated and liked movie “300” which displayed the courage of 300 soldiers. Now another movie Beowulf is available in front of us. This film is also based on the oldest surviving English epic of world “Beowulf”. This 3183 lines epic is believed to written between the 8th and 10th century. The main hero of the film is Beowulf, a hero of Geats, who known for defeating number of monsters and demons.

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Beowulf helps the Danish people by killing a monster Grendel attacking them. However, he fails in killing the monster’s mother a demon (performed by Angelina Jolie) and surrenders himself to her for the greed of money and kingdom. Beowulf story takes a new turn when a new monster, son of the Beowulf, returns and again start attacking the people. Beowulf takes this challenge and heroically kills his monster son. In this battle, he also got killed and become an epic.

This is really a great epic story full of heroism and emotional dilemmas; however, this film fails in perfectly portraying these emotions and situations. This film is made with “Performance capture” technique in which live actions are recorded for making high tech animations. Despite all the good work and good storyline, Beowulf is a below average film. This film really miss the punch of “300” and soft emotions of “Ratatouille”. This movie can be a good watch for the children but for the adults this is a movie full of number of boring parts.

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  1. i appreciate the fact that this movie gives a pseudo-education in ancient literature (never had to read the book as a child)

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