It is best romantic film of year (Movie Review-“Jab we meet”)

“Jab we meet” is one of the best romantic movies of the year which is full of good storyline, good songs, good acting, good climax and many more. So, we can say that there is lot of good-good in this movie. This is one movie which has picked in latter months which shows the increasing popularity of this movie among people. This movie has got lot of acceptance from young generation and with the help of this movie youngster has got an option of fantasising their love emotions.

The major attraction of movie is good and simple storyline which hold people with the movie till the end. Both Shahid kapoor and Karina Kapoor has given their best performances with this film. They really look like a real romantic couple and their love chemistry is perfect in this movie (may be effect for their true life love). If we compare “Jab We Meet” with the other big hits released with it or after it then “Jab we meet” really has an edge over the others. The story of film is simply about discovering and rediscovering love.

Moreover, for people who missed the famous Shahid and Karina kiss MMS then a good kiss scene between Shahid and Karina wait people in this movie. This is one of the most of unexpected good movie which very less people have expected earlier from Shahid and Karina. Music is also another strong point of this movie which is already a big hit among the youth. Overall this is a good entertaining and romantic movie. From many side, this movie deserves to be watched on the big screen and hope you will too appreciate it.

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  1. Good Movie. Good Ending. Sometimes its boring here and there. Kareena and Shahid did a good job. Story is well weaved. Will give a rating of 3.75/5.

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