Significance of October 2 as Non violence day

From this 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti will be observed as Non Violence day in India. This is lately but a good move by the government of India. In the recent times, India has seen a wide spread increase in the violence. Present generation of India can be termed as more violent and non-tolerant as compared to previous generations of India, which is clear sign of worry for all of us. Mahatma Ghandi father of nation was a great personality in himself and therefore he always advocated the use of non violence for getting justice.

And he also gave a big example of non violence in front of us by providing freedom to India without the use of violence. However, the problem is that today, there are very less people who think similarly like him. Even big leaders who claim to follow his path and are actually involved in various violent acts. Today level of violence has increased at an alarmingly fast rate and numbers of innocent people become victim of this violence in different parts of India.

There are number of reasons which are behind the increase in violence in India but major reasons include non tolerance, religious divide, political rivalry etc. Mahatma Ghandi must not have thought of this kind of India when he was fighting for India and if he might have any knowledge of all this then he may have abandoned his moment. Now by celebrating Gandhi Jayanti as Non Violence day, we can hope that people of India will understand the message of Mahatma Gandhi and stop restoring to methods of violence.

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