Sarnath a place to visit in India

Sarnath has a great significance on the Indian culture because of its importance for different sections of the society. Sarnath is mostly popular as a Buddhist pilgrimage across the world; however, it also holds good significance for the Hindus and Jain community. Sarnath has a famous Shiva temple where every year million of shiva devotees visit to show their respect to Lord Shiva. According to Jain’s Sarnath is the place where Shreyamshanath, the 11th Trithankara achieved asceticism and finally died. However, this place holds a much more significance for the Buddhist community because Mahatma Buddha gave his first sermon in Sarnath.
After getting enlightenment in Bodh Gaya Mahatma Buddha reached Sarnath to find his five disciplines and after finding them, he gave his first sermon know as Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta. According to Buddhism Sarnath is one of the four pilgrim sites which every Buddhist much visits in his life. Archaeological survey of India has rediscovered number of buried objects of Buddhist time period. People can easily find number of these valuable things in the Sarnath Museum. People can also see the original sculpture of four loin faces found in National Emblem of India by visiting this museum.
Other good attraction of the Sarnath is to visit different Buddhist nation’s monasteries, as one can find here monasteries of China, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar etc. People can also watch here the famous deer park, Buddha temple and place where Mahatma Buddha gave his first Seremon. All these things and important places make Sarnath an important place to visit. Sarnath is just 10 KM away from famous Hindu religious town of Varanasi, it is also known as Banaras which is connected by air, rail and road with all major cities and towns of India.

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