Shameful matter of forcing teenage girls into prostitution

Today's incidence of Indian capital New Delhi, in which one female school teacher was arrested by the police for supply school girls of her school for money. This is not a mere similar sex rackets being unearthed by the Delhi police but it highlights deep rooted problems and sufferings of women in our country. This female teacher has also shown that how women are biggest enemy of women. This teacher is blamed for forcing teenage innocent school girls in to sex business by making their pornographic MMSs. This is really a shocking incidence and for many people it will be very difficult to believe on this incidence. However, this incidence clearly highlights state of our system, condition of society and thinking of people about women. Sex has become so occupied with the mind of number of males of this country that they are even not ready to spare innocent teenage girls, who have still not seen life properly.
Recently one more such incidence was unearthed by TV channel, in which number of girls in the age range of 11 to 16 years are first kidnapped and then smuggled to gulf countries for the enjoyment of the rich gulf sheikh. Both these incidence clearly put down all the claims of Indian society as women friendly. These two incidences could be just tip of ice berg with large number of similar incidences still happening unnoticed around us.
Second this incidence has also highlighted question mark on the security of our schools. Separate girl school and colleges were started in India to provide safety to girls from such kind of problems. However, at that time nobody must have thought that these girls schools will one day become the sex exploitation centres. All these matters clearly highlights the deep rooted erosion of our ethics and moral values which is not a right sign for country like India.

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Review-Flamez PVR Ludhiana

Finally Ludhiana city has its PVR where people can easily watch and enjoy latest movies. Ludhiana got its first PVR in Flamez mall, Malhar road, Ludhiana. PVR is situated on the fourth floor of the Flamez mall. Below are some of the good and bad points about the Flamez PVR.

Good points-
1) Four separate theatres provide opportunity to watch up to four films simultaneously.
2) World class sound and seat comfort for watching movies.
3) Option of booking tickets online through and telephonically through number-0161-4646787
4) Situated in the middle of the city and therefore it is easy for people to reach here.
5) Facility of rolling stairs and lifts.
6) Good security

Bad Points-
1) Slightly less spacious.
2) Problem with the entrance of Audi halls 3 and 4.
3) Mall is still not functioning. Many shops in the mall are still to open.
4) Less seats for setting in the main halls which makes people to stand while waiting entrance.
5) Difficult to enter while rush, no solution available for huge rush times.

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Alert for Nokia users

Nokia has always remained a top selling brand in India from the time of entry of mobile phones in India. The major reason behind this huge success of Nokia is high durability and simplicity of Nokia handsets as compared to other brands. Entry levels models of Nokia like 2100, 1100, 1100i, 3310 etc become so popular with the India public that people just ignored the other brands. In higher segment also Nokia beaten the other brands, its brand Nokia 6600 was the first mobile which created curiosity in the mind of the people for higher end and multimedia sets. This brand also sold in the market like hot cakes and one time emerged has status symbol for many India. Even today, Nokia is doing well with number of models and Its N-series mobiles. However, recently Nokia has found itself in big controversy when Nokia mobiles start exploding around India.
At present, there are available news of 11 confirmed explosions in Nokia handsets and injury to 4 people. Most of the explosions occurred in the batteries of the BL-5C series but there are also news of explosions in BL-4C and other series. This whole situation has created fear in the minds of the Nokia users which are present in India in very big number.
Nokia also offered to replace these faulty batteries for free of cost.
People can know about the status of their battery by sending the 26 digit battery number to 5555.
For sending SMS, people should first type BT followed by space and 26 digit numbers. These 26 digit numbers is available on the back side of battery and include numbers and alphabet.
The other available option with people is to visit- for knowing the status of their battery.
However the major problem with this whole method is that many illiterate people are not able to use it which makes the chunk of people who use BL-5C battery.
This whole thing has really broken some trust for Nokia in the mind of people and this thing can help other brands in emerging strongly in the market.

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India is the largest democratic country having population of 1,116,456,550 persons with a significant increasing trend. The area per person to live is decreasing because of the increasing population. During seventies Mrs. Indira Gandhi (PM) thought about the increasing population and to provide the enough food to everybody. She brought the programme of ‘Harit Kranti’ with a slogan “Adhik Ann Upjao”. In this programme the farmers were educated and motivated to use chemical fertilizers to get maximum crop leading to sufficient food for the Indian public. This was very successfully implemented. For the issue of population she introduced ‘Family Planning’ with a slogan “Hum Do Humare Do”. The Family & Health Ministry implemented this programme. But for family planning Mr. Sanjay Gandhi took some hard steps. He wanted to implement this programme by force, which was not the democratic way of family planning. In democracy one has to mobilize, to make realize the importance of the family planning in such a highly populated country. This forceful implementation of family planning led to the horrible defeat of the Congress party and Janta Party came in to the power, they were the first who ignored the issue of population. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi also promoted the population control programme through the Family & Health Ministry, with the help of media by using many ways to control the population.
After Mr. Rajiv Gandhi nobody is careful about this hot issue of population. Moreover some social and political societies are promoting to increase their population to increase the vote bank of particular mind set and can rule country with their ideology. Nowadays all of the political parties and bureaucrat are overlooking this key issue.
This issue is also overlapped by the few job opportunities by the multinational companies to the youth. This is the positive aspect of the globalization that many international companies are coming to India. Many BPOs and other multinational companies are offering good jobs to the Graduates, Engineers, Doctors, MBAs and other qualified youth of the country.
But the ignorance to this major issue of population can lead to the serious problems of food, cloth, residence, health, education and employment for the common man of the country. This issue can slow down the speed of growth of the country, as we want to achieve a goal to be the developed country up to 2020.
The issue of population must be discussed in the parliament. The family & Health Ministry and the Education Ministry should take the strong steps to motivate the poor, uneducated people of India to control the population. There should be wall paintings in rural area to encourage the population control by the family & Health Ministry. The Electronic media must come forward to take this issue aggressively because this is the most powerful way to promote and make understand the problem and the solution to the uneducated people and educated as well. To ignore the problem is not the solution. The population for India is still a serious truth as it was in seventies. The every person should be concern and careful for the problem of population and about its control.

Written by
Mohammad Fariq
(Mohammad Fariq, a post-graduate in Zoology, is working for a reputed pharmaceutical company.)

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Advantage of Market Research

Today we are living in dynamic world where most of things are changing very fast and therefore it becomes very difficult to predict anything. Markets are also part of this rapid changing world where it becomes very difficult to predict any next move of market or customers. However, for succeeding in the business world, it is very important for any organisation to have full information about the various moves of the market and mood of customers. Therefore, companies require a solution which can help them in knowing these facts.

A well known solution for all these problems exists in the form of market research, which provides a great opportunity to know easily about the various trends in the market. Market research is a mixture of few techniques like surveys, analysis, trends, prediction etc which help significantly companies in predicting future trends in market. With the help of proper market research companies can easily know about the market trends, their competitor activities, acceptability of their products in market, scope for new products, and reason behind failure of products.

Due to this reason, large numbers of companies have made market research an integral part of their work and mostly have one separate department related to it. However, large numbers of companies also take the help of external agencies and experts on market research because many times it is not possible for large numbers of organisations to afford big market research departments. Mode of doing market research may be whatever but one thing is clear that market research significantly help organisations in making right moves at the right time.

By making market research an integral part of companies work structure, companies can easily avoid number of shocks coming from market and increase their success rate considerably. Therefore, in simple words we can say that by getting the help of market research, it is possible for any organisation to succeed in the business world.

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Begging (inside story)

Buy Book Hidden Story of Begging Business in India  to Know more on this Topic

Most of the beggars look so innocent and problematic to us that we are not able to stop ourselves from giving them money. This thing happens commonly with most of people. Mostly, we all people have the opinion that these all beggars come from the weakest sections of the society and they are victim of God’s cruelty. However, the reality is not like this, there are number of beggars in the present world who have become professional beggars and they are very much expert in exploiting our emotions.

In number of cities, these beggars are much organised and also involved in number of illegal activities like help in thefts and trafficking of drugs. The other biggest bad point of begging is that numbers of children are forced to begging because their innocent faces can easily make people sympathetic with them and finally giving money. By giving a small amount of money to these beggars which does not cost much to us, we knowingly encourage more children to be pushed in begging and in worst cases they can be made handicapped for creating more sympathy.

Second problem is that by giving money, we also encourage these small kids to stick with this easy alternative of earning money. In this way, we our self make an army of parasite in our society who are totally depended on others and do not want to do themselves any hard work. These small earning from begging when multiplied by number of givers then produces a handsome amount of money which even many hard working people are not able to earn. So it finally depends on us to encourage begging on the shake of sympathy or not.

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Great Work

Inside court rooms, it is very important that a good lawyer fights our case because in most of cases, it is ability of good lawyer which help people in winning the cases in courts. Already there are number of good lawyers across the globe who has established a distinctive image for them. US leading lawyer firm simmons jannace stagg also has established a distinctive trust of winning most of cases which they take. In the past, they have taken many of innocent people and win them on the court rooms. This firm has also stood up for number of victims and helped them in getting the justice. Due to their great service they are able to attain a good name among the various law firms in the US.

Condemnation of Hyderabad Bomb Attacks

It is the duty of every Indian to condemn the Hyderabad Bomb blasts. It is really shame on the part of those terrorists who targeted innocent people through this blasts. Most of these terrorists have become totally insane and their only religion is to kill humanity. We all Indian are much stronger than these terrorists and we will never allow them to succeed in their motives. However, it is also failure on the part of our intelligence and security agencies which are not able to provide fear free atmosphere to its people. Terrorists are required to learn that today’s Indians are not so weak that they will become fearful and commit some retaliation. Terrorists have no religion and those religious people who encourage terrorism are not religious in true sense.

When love becomes greed

This world is full of examples of people betraying their lovers and there are large of people in this world who use love for their advantage. The major motive of these people is to exploit the lover and leave him alone when they achieve their motive. My men and women around us are masters of this game and for them love become agreed to fulfil their desires. These realities may look strange but these very much true in our society as large number of men and women become victim of these love greed’s.

Power of Love

Already lot of things have been written in the various Medias about the great power of love and to large extent all this is true also. Love really has a great power in it. From many years love has encouraged large number of people to do number of impossible things in this world. This is the power of love which has made it possible for people to achieve all this otherwise most of these things were very difficult to achieve. It is very important for all of us to fill our lives with love and become a good person.

Good help

Any kind of good help is always welcomed by most of the people because this help makes it easier for them to use the things. Similar help is also available for all the people searching for good orlando hotels. Orlando is one of the most sought after vacation destination in the world because of number of beautiful attractions presents it. Due to this reason, large numbers of people come to visit Orlando every year and all these people require hotels for their stay. All these people can now easily book various Orlando hotels in advance with the help of Moreover they can even look for attractive discounts and good offers. This offers a great help in searching the suitable hotels across Orlando.

Increasing level of violence among people

In the present societies, one thing is increasing very fast and this is level of violence among the ordinary people. Day by day people of our societies are becoming more and more violent. Today large numbers of people remain ready to restore to violence for small issues. These things can lead to major problem if we people are not able to control it in the beginning. Everyday most of TV news channels are filled with news of violence from the across the country and from across all sections and age groups. In the present time, even school going children can restore to violence much worse than the adults. Today large number of tenth class student in Aligarh City of UP restored to worst kind of the violence for submitting their board examination forms late by the school authorities. Student can have dealt this issue with calmness by first talking to the concerned authorities but instead they restored to violence and sabotaging school’s property. Like this incidence, there are large numbers of similar issues coming in front of us in which people are taking law in their own hand and restore to violence. Recent beating of a police cop by two Chandigarh boys with police cop’s stick is just one thread of this matter. If nothing is done in this matter then situation can easily go out of control. Indian society and its people are never so violent before and even our religions also preach non violence but the apathy is that our masses and young generation are not ready to formulate these good points in their lives.

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Safety on

Recently, has become a matter of debate for most of the people in India. The major reason behind it is high popularity of this site among the young generation and second exploitation of these youth by some criminal minded people through site. Day by day many issues are coming in the light which shows how some people are using orkut to exploit these young teenagers. Recently a boy and girl become the victim of this exploitation and have to lose their lives. Due to these reasons some people are raising the voice for ban on this site. However according to experts, ban will not serve any purpose because there are large numbers of sites similar to orkut and if one site is banned then other large number of sites will emerge on the place. The best option of avoiding any exploitation on orkut is following certain guidelines.
1) Avoiding contact with unknown people.
2) Avoiding becoming member of prone communities.
3) Avoiding requests for meeting in private.
4) Not accepting unknown people as friends.
5) Avoiding people with unclear names and description.
6) Avoiding use of Orkut for dating purpose.
7) Learning to distinguish between dummy and real profiles.
8) Avoiding sexually motivated talks and conversation.
9) Avoiding business proposal through community.
10) Parent’s surveillance for children less than 18 years of age.
By following some of these points people can easily avoid their exfoliation by the others and enjoy their time on the

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Wisely using credit cards

Credit cards have emerged as important and useful thing in the present world. For most of the people it is very difficult to live a life without credit cards. Credit cards have number of advantages associated with them and also there are number of problem which people can face if they do not use their credit cards wisely. For wisely using a credit card, it is very important to have proper knowledge about all the credit rules and avoiding over spending on the credit cards. People should also look for Low Rate Credit Card to enjoy less charges and more return by choosing their credit card well. With proper use of credit cards, the chances of problems are very less.

Strange madness for male child

Northern India is showing a strange love for the male child and people here are ready to go to any extent for achieving this dream. Female feticide is not a new thing for northern India, already numbers of girls are killed here before taking birth on the daily basis. Women are tortured for bearing girl Childs. Now this madness is seeing new methods developed by people here to complete their dream of male child. As per the latest news published in the TOI, there are large numbers of people in these states who are trafficking women and girls from the west Bengal and Assam for bearing male Childs form them. This is really a shocking news and clearly shows that how this problems has deep roots in our society. Already number of the girl Childs per male Childs is very less and in coming years situations can become very alarming; however there are very less people how takers of these facts are. Most of the people of these areas think that they can easily purchase anything with the power of their money and this illegal traffic of women is one similar incidence.

Decreasing standard of Indian politics

India is a biggest democracy in the world and we are also celebrating 60 years of our democracy, however on the other hand standard of Indian politics is decreasing day by day. Conduct and Behaviour of our most of our political leaders is even worse than ordinary school children. Large numbers of our political leaders are involved in the corruption and illegal methods of occupying power. Political parties are busy in highlighting baseless issues while sidelining major basic issues of public. This is really a shame for political leaders and parties of India to behave in this irrelevant way. For every political party and leader of India only major thing is to gain maximum vote bank by any method right or wrong, while giving no attention to the basic needs of the people. This is a strange game of political suffering and dominance in India, which is causing lot of problems for the common people by hampering their growth. Today major hurdle in the growth of India is its aligning political system which has not grown with the time. The only way of improving political system of India is possible by encouraging the participation of youth and general public in bigger way. Today time has come in India when every person should realise his duty and encourage a good politics for the betterment of India.

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Way to suppress appetite

Increasing weight is becoming a cause of concern for large number of the people around the world. In the recent few years, number of people suffering from obesity has increased many times. Therefore time has come to put some check on this issue. The major reason behind obesity according to most of the obese people is constant easting habit, as these people find it very difficult to control their appetite. Now there is good news for all people in the form of hoodia plants mostly found in Africa. This plant shows a natural botanical ability to suppress a person's appetite and therefore a person can lose weight naturally. Lot of hoodia based products are easily available in the market and people can use one of them by consulting their doctor.

Appeal for help in stopping Begging menace from spreading

Dear All,

Begging is becoming a flourishing business for number of people in India. Number of big people and mafias are controlling begging business in India. The main problem with all this is that number of innocent people and small children become the victim of this business. Many children are kidnapped, tortured and defamed on the name of begging. Second begging also encourages number of wrong doings in the society. The major reason behind the spreading of begging is non awareness about this menace. Most of people never realise that how smartly these beggars make them fools.

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The best way to fight begging is to discourage people from giving money to beggar and making aware about this menace.
Also join the related community for fighting begging by visiting-

Please spread this message to more number of people for making them aware about this problem.


Arvind Katoch

Menace of Addiction

Addictions to various drugs and liquors have become so common problem in society that we can easily find large number of people suffering from them around the world. Today, addiction has become a common story in most parts of the life and every day newer and newer people are becoming the victim of this menace. However the major problem with this problem is that we all know about this problem and wrong implications of it but still very less of us are able to do anything productive to stop it. Consumption of liquors is very common in our societies and many people become addicted to liquor. There are large numbers of examples of people, who have spoiled their whole life due to liquor addiction.

In liquor addiction, there are large number of cases were people lose their hard earned money and belongs. The other problem with the addiction is that large numbers of innocent family member also suffer with the addict. However, still our governments are not able to put any ban or control over the liquor sales because large amounts of revenues are coming from its sales. These are some of the sad stories of our society where few people suffer for the gain of others. Second thing is that liquor addiction is not the only addiction, there are number of other substances and liquors available in the market which causes even stronger addiction than liquor.

Drug addictions are very common in the present world and they are much stronger addiction than the liquor addiction and large number of people lose their lives due to these addictions every day. The biggest sorry factor is that most of these addicts are young students or adults. The other major reason behind these addiction problems going out of control is non-availability of good drug rehabilitation centres. If some centres are available then they charge so big amount that it become very difficult to afford their services. In this kind of the situation, we need non-profit and free service providers

Some Relief for Sanjay Dutt

Finally there is slight relief for Sanjay Dutt from Supreme Court as court has directed to release him on bail till Supreme Court receives all the documents and papers related to the Snjay Dutt’s case. This is not a big relief for Sanjay Dutt, as Sanjay Dutt is required to surrender again in the Tada court when all papers will be received the Supreme Court. Then after reviewing these papers and documents related to the case, Supreme Court will take any further action on the granting long term bail to Sanjay Dutt or not. This whole process of shifting papers and documents can take from at least month to three months. Therefore this is a small relief for Sanjay Dutt. The major reason of granting interim bail to Sanjay Dutt is his good conduct during the previous Tada court proceedings. This bail has also increased the hopes of future bail for the Sanjay Dutt. Large numbers of Sanjay Dutt fans have been already waiting in front of the Pune jail’s main gate from tomorrow afternoon to welcome their star when this decision came. Sanjay Dutt has got a good support from the people and his fans and large numbers of Indian people want him to be free soon. Now the fate of Sanjay Dutt will be in the hands of Supreme Court of India till the final verdict of this case comes.

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Will Aishwarya be a mother soon?

When for the first time, people heard the news of Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai marriage then large numbers of people have doubts over this marriage. However so far this marriage looks to be going well and there are lots of news of both stars enjoying it too are available with us. According to the recent news published in most of the Indian newspapers, Aishwarya Rai has now settled with her marriage and she wants to become a mother.

According to news, Aishwarya has conveyed her feelings to the Abhishek and Bachan family. This news is a real indication of both stars becoming more committed for their marriage. Initially there were apprehensions about Aishwarya Rai’s continuation with films like before. Moreover, there was also news that couple do not want any baby for at least three years.

However, all these news and apprehensions looks to lose their relevance with time. Like people have lot of excitement for Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai’s marriage, therefore similarly there will also be lot of excitement for their coming child. So far there is no confirmation of this news is available from any confirmed source but we all can expect to hear a good news soon and when any such news will be out then excitement among the fans of these stars will be a common result.

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Making a good society

It is the responsibility of every Indian to work in the direction of making India a good society. For bringing any change in the society, only way available in front of us is making positive changes at the individual level. Most of times, we people think that there are number of other peoples in the society who are doing this job. In the end, problems in the society remain standing waiting someone to come forward and solve them. Today even after 60 years of the Independence, our society is still facing number of social problems which required to be solved for providing a good social atmosphere to every individual. It looks that we are still very behind from making our society as free and good like American society. In the present world, American society is an example of free and good society in the world, where every individual has lots of free rights and simultaneously people are giving back to society their time and unity. Numbers of Americans have given their lives in the past for making this society an ideal society. It is great effort of these people due to which we are seeing a great society like America. Our society is also a great society but in the present time, it needs to take some corrections and providing more freedom to its people. We Indian can easily make our society better and free than American by doing small positive changes. Therefore every Indian should be ready for small efforts for our society.

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Increasing Drug Addiction in North India

In north India, problem of drug addiction is becoming more problematic with the passage of time. Today a large young population of this is a victim of drug addiction. A recent survey on the drug addiction revealed that most of the students of big engineering and medical colleges of area are using drugs. The other problem in this area is finding a good drug rehab option. Many people in this area die or become serious due to lack of a good drug rehab facility. Our government needs to give special attention to this problem before it goes out of hand.

Hidden story of Begging Business in India

Buy Book Hidden Story of Begging Business in India  to Know more on this Topic

Today everyone around the world is aware about the growth story of India, however very less people are aware about the increasing trend of begging in India. Present beggars of India are much superior to their previous generations. In simple words, we can say that these beggars have brought professionalism in their jobs. I am not kidding; it is true and happening everyday around us. In some of the big cities turnover from the begging is millions of rupees every day and number of big shotguns of the society are managing this business.

It is very easy to see these beggars performing various new and old tricks for begging in buses, busy markets, and parks and around public places. Some of the beggars of India are so intelligent that they use all kinds of the psychological and emotional tricks to make people feel sympathetic with them. An average good beggar earns around rupees 200 to 500 per day and some expert beggar even fetch more handsome deals. In India, it is very easy to find number of beggars who have earned good fortunes with begging.

As per an articles published in the leading Indian daily, a women beggar was able to save good many, buy few insurance policies, marry her two daughters and a son, and contracted a three room home. These are not some of the stories in isolation, there are number of other baggers who have achieved similar or better heights. Most of these beggars are masters in playing with our emotions and making us to pay them. An average beggar beg at least in front of 1000 people in a single day and at least 100 people among them give these beggars from single rupee to ten rupees.

However the major problem is that most of the people are so much busy with their daily lives that they do not give any attention to this field. Overall begging is a great resource generator for many people and many people in India are happily employed with the begging work. However, in this rosy picture there are hidden many ugly facts which requires our immediate attention. These ugly facts are exploitation and torture of number of innocent children and people for forcefully pushing them in to this business.

Recently during my bus journey, I got to see a small girl with one burned and stinking hand carried away by a slightly bigger girl. The small girl was unconscious and it was very difficult to conclude that this girl was alive or dad. However the older girl was busy in begging on her name. Now by giving money to these beggar, we silently encourage more such kind of children to be burned, tortured and defamed. Begging needs an immediate attention from all of us, otherwise human exploitation will go on unnoticed behind this flourishing trade.

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Saving Forests and wild lives

It is very important for every individual to have love for our forests and wild lives. Today human greed is making number of these forests and animals extinct from the world and therefore it become the duty of every individual to come forward for saving our forest treasures. There are number of beautiful animals in our forests which are very near to extinction and need our immediate attentions. If we are not able to save these animal then our next generations will only be able to see stuffed animals toys and not real ones. Therefore saving these animals for the next generation is very important for all of us.

Games of Ego

Most of the big saints and religions of the world have termed Ego as a big hurdle in the mental and spiritual growth of a person, however still we find large number of people becoming victims of Ego every day. Now the question which emerges is that if Ego is so bad then why so many people again and again become the victim of this emotion? The answer is simple that we never realise and try to realize the short comings or disadvantages of the Ego. The number of the people who become the victim of Ego is very large and second people become victims of Ego again and again during their lives. Ego can attack any person and mostly it comes with power, education, money and good luck. Large number of people after achieving worldly achievements starts thinking themselves above others and from here Ego emerges in a person silently. The emergence of the Ego is so silent that very few people become aware of their own Egos. The major disadvantage of the ego is that it stops the growth of person and therefore creates a situation for the downfall of a person. Also due to ego, people hurt many other people and finally an egoist person starts losing all of his friends. It is very important for person to be aware of Ego and try to avoid becoming the victim of it in life.

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Politics of the Nuclear Deal

Currently most of the Indian politicians are busy in doing dirty politics over the Indo-US nuclear deal. Opposition parties are trying to undermine this deal and therefore they are highlighting number of negative issues related to this deal. On the other hand ruling parties and our respected Prime Minister are busy in defending their stand. Due to this unwanted leg pulling, most of the Indians are finding it very difficult to understand whether this deal is good for India or not.

If we think about this deal in boarder view then this 123 nuclear deal is a sign of growing importance of India in world arena and it will also fulfil immediate requirement of India for energy. Every person living in India is very well aware about the electricity problem and whole of the India is affected by this problem. For remaining globally competitive and grow further, it is very important for India to have enough energy or even have surplus energy. In the present world, nuclear energy is one of the best alternatives available with mankind for fulfilling their need of energy.

This deal is a positive step in this direction and it will open number of good opportunities to India. On the question of who will benefit more this deal then the answer is simple that both the nation will equally benefit from this deal. As US earn good amount of money by selling nuclear fuel and technology and India will be able to get more and cheaper energy. To some extent nuclear deal is a need of the hour and therefore putting question marks over it is not a right strategy.

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Massive support for the Sanjay Dutt

Recent Survey about the punishment of the Sanjay Dutt showed that large numbers of the Indians are against any punishment for Sanjay Dutt.

As per the survey

  • 62% of people do not want any punishment for Sanjay Dutt.
  • 16% of people want his punishment to be reduced.
  • 20% of the people, however believe that this is a right punishment for Sanjay Dutt.
  • 2% do not know answer.
  • This survey shows the mass of support for Sanjay Dutt and More than two third of people want Sanjay Dutt to be free. This survey is a clear indication of the popularity of star among the people. The decision on the fate of the Sanjay Dutt still depends on the Judgment of Supreme Court. We all can only hope that Supreme Court will consider the wide acceptance of Sanjay Dutt while giving any Judgment over his punishment.

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    About Banaras or Varanasi City

    In the beginning of this week, I got a chance to visit one of the holiest cities of India which is Banaras also known as Varanasi. Varanasi is a very popular religious destination because of presence of many places of religious importance around it. It is situated on the bank of holly river the Ganga. Banaras is also known as Kashi because of the Lord Kashi Vishwanath temple of Lord Shiva situated in it. This city holds a great significance in the life of every Hindu because of its religious value. According to the Hindu religion, any person who dies in Kashi attains a godhood and gets himself free from the cycle of birth and death.

    Therefore, it is a desire of many Hindus to die in this place. This place is known to be constructed by the Lord Shiva himself for the welfare of mankind so that they can attain self realization by meditating here. It is very difficult for us to imagine Varanasi city without the touch of religion. This holly city is full of numbers of beautiful and religiously significant temples. The beauty of Varanasi is its 80 Ghats. It is really an enjoyable experience to spend evenings on these Ghats of Banaras.

    This city provides a real picture of India and Hindu religion. Other religions like Buddhism and Jainism also have their roots in Varanasi. Lord Mahatma Buddha also gave his first sermon at Sarnath near Varanasi. Most of the time city remains crowded with different religious festivals and get-togethers. This city also holds a good name in education due to Banaras Hindu University which has given number of eminent scholars to the world.

    Sweets and others eatable preparations of the Banaras are very famous around the world. Small streets of the Varanasi offer a great option of eating number of tasty sweets and Namkeens. Overall, Varanasi can be easily termed as one of the real Indian city which has still maintained its roots and traditional values.

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    Finally Ludhiana Got it’s first PVR

    Ludhaina is big and affluent city of the Punjab. Therefore, huge population and strong paying capacity of the people makes it a great market. However, still up to few days back people of the Ludhaina have one complain of not having any PVR or multiplex in the city. Now with the opening of PVR Cinemas in Fllamez Mall at Malhar raod, Ludhiana on 10th August, 2007, this demand of people’s of Ludhiana has finally ended. This PVR provides an opportunity of watching four movies under the same roof. Moreover, people of Ludhaina will also get relief from the over burdened existing cinema halls. Currently cost of tickets in this PVR is Rs 125 and Rs 100 respectively. People even have the option of booking ticket online by visiting- Now people of Ludhiana can also hope to get the world class entertainment.

    For online enquiry about the movies and their time or for booking movie tickets, People can visit- Only one time registrations will the site is required for booking tickets and tickets are booked with credit card.

    For telephonic enquiry about the movies and their time or for booking movie tickets, People can call- 0161-4646787

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    Will Sanjay Dutt be out soon?

    Presently fate of Sanjay Dutt is looking slightly unclear because there are lots of apprehensions that the chances of acceptance of his bail or decrease in punishment are very less. Now all the hopes of Sanjay Dutt are lying on the Supreme Court of India which can only now provide some hope to him. In the mean time, Sanjay Dutt is trying to occupy himself with some work inside the Pune prison. Sanjay Dutt is learning more about Mahatma Gandhi by reading available books on the Mahatma and also he has joined a carpentry class in the jail. Sanjay Dutt fans are really very sad with their star living inside the prison. Sanjay Dutt holds a good acceptance among the people and therefore, he has a large group of fans, who want him free early. Most of Sanjay Dutt’s fans are of the firm believed that he is innocent and therefore, he must be freed. However, law does not consider the emotions of the fans or supporters while giving verdicts, therefore chances of Sanjay Dutt coming out of problem early are very less.

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    They Are Forever

    Whether they're a girl's best friend or forever, diamonds are easily the most important thing and the most difficult thing to shop for when you're looking to show her that you love her. Lucky for you that Danforth Diamond has a huge selection of the best quality diamonds that you can be sure will be just what she wanted. Let Danforth help you with all of your diamond needs, whether it's wedding bands or engagement rings, and you can put your mind at ease by knowing that you're getting the quality that you want and that she deserves.

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    Movie Review-“Chak De India”

    Finally and Finally, the Indian cinema is ready to tell the world that it has something different to show to it. Movie “Chak de India” is also one such move in this direction. This film has silently raised many matters which are faced by our games, women and Peoples of minority. This movie is about Hockey, about women and about Indian minorities. This film highlights how all three of them are suffering in India. Hockey is ailing, women are victimized and minorities are termed non-patriotic.

    click here

    Hockey and India have great associations with each other because both of them have given something to the other. India was once an undisputed champion of this game and all this is visible from the golden tally of India in Olympic Games, where India is only able to secure gold medals because of this game. However, today situation has drastically changed and India is no more a champion of this game. Now, some time even it becomes difficult for us to enter in Olympic hockey Games.

    Second in India, we people are still doubtful about our women and minorities. Therefore, making a film on women hockey, which is coached by a Muslim, is a try to highlight much deep rooted problem in the Indian systems. This is a great movie to watch which allow justice to all these matters and has raised them well. This movie will definitely help reviving the state of Indian hockey, Indian women and Indian minorities.

    This movie also represents the new age of Indian girls and women, who are fighting for their equal place in the society, which is no way less than any male. This movie is a story of changing India and these types of movies are need of the hour. Shah Rukh khan has performed very well in the role of Indian women hockey team coach. This movie is not a love story, but it is a story of India where we find love for India and love for self respect and equal rights.

    All actors have performed well in the movie and at no time during the movie, we get the impression of away from reality. The major liveliness to the movie is given by bunch of new actors, who have even outshone Shah Rukh Khan. Overall this is a good acted and well justified film in all parts, which has highlighted so many weaknesses of Indian cultures, systems and common beliefs. Therefore this movie is worth of at least one time watch. Though, there are some loopholes in the movie but still all this is under acceptable levels.

    Overall rating- 3.5 out of five

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    Advantage of Learning HTML and DHTML

    Advantage of Learning HTML and DHTML

    For all people, who are looking for making career in online world, knowledge of HTML and DTML is must because majority of the websites which we see online are made with the help of these languages. HTML and DHTML were developed to easily make web pages. First HTML came in this world and then its more refined version in the form of DHTML came. Today, it is very easy to learn these languages and people can even easily find number of good quality information online about these languages. With the help of HTML and DHTML knowledge people can easily create web pages or understand the formation of other web pages.

    Hue and cry over Sanjay Dutt’s Punishment

    At present, many of the Sanjay Dutt’s fans are involved in various activities to confirm the release of Sanjay Dutt from prison. Some are planning agitations and some others are requesting public to sign petition for his release. On the other hand, all the advertisers and producers, who are working with Sanjay Dutt are trying to side line themselves with the star because there is apprehension in market about the fate of Sanjay Dutt. Six years behind the bar could destroy the career of Sanjay Dutt by weakening his brand value. Sanjay Dutt’s next hope remains with Supreme Court of India, where he has filed application for bail.

    Many supports of Sanjay Dutt believe that 15 year long court trail and one and half years served behind bars are enough punishment for Sanjay Dutt but however when we look at the punishments givens to the other victims then six years of imprisonment for Sanjay Dutt is not a big punishment. When Sanjay Dutt committed this crime then he was a matured adult who knows the difference between right or wrong. Therefore now any show of innocence does not hold any relevance. We are living in a democratic and free country, where laws must hold a supreme value irrespective of person’s status and position.

    We all know that Sanjay Dutt is a good actor and after this incidence, he has changed considerably but law has to taken its own course of action and punish the guilty. Moreover, there are hopes alive for Sanjay Dutt that Supreme Court can reduce his punishment, therefore we should only pray for his soon release and not creating any hue and cry over his punishment.

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    People’s fight, for the people and by the people

    Please find below some of the issues raised by us in the past for the help of everyone’s cause. All these issues have concerned common man of India in one or other way. This is just a small step to make people aware about the real facts and getting the help of large masses for becoming more strong and confident nation.

    1)How many more unborn girls will be killed in Punjab?
    2)Fate of animals in India
    3)Politicizing Ram for political gains
    4)Do we see all this in begging?
    5)Do we ever know the truth of Ram Setu?
    6) No improvement Life of an ordinary man in India
    7)Shameful matter of forcing teenage girls into prostitution
    POPULATION the ignored TRUTH
    Begging (inside story)
    Appeal for help in stopping Begging menace from spreading
    Hidden story of Begging Business in India
    Vice-President Election – Politics to please Muslims
    Indians victim of Political dominance
    How difficult it to be like a woman?
    Dr APJ Abdul Kalam- A true Indian
    Mrs. Pratibha Patil- First Woman President of India
    When it is a crime to give birth to a girl child in India
    Religion-most misunderstood concept
    Why India has so many corrupt leaders?
    Increasing rate of custodial deaths in India
    Playing with Gods
    Control of Nehru-Gandhi family our India
    Provide help in speedy Trail of Nitish Katara
    Rain disasters and Mumbai
    25) and dummy Profile
    How right are caste based reservations?
    Violent protests and India
    Reservation politics and India
    Gujjar Struggle- A failure of caste based politics
    Controversy of Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere
    Increasing Crime Rate of Indian Armed Forces
    How many more poor people will be killed by the rich people’s cars?
    Peoples Fight-Nandigram
    Remembering Jallianwala Bagh in present time
    Where Punjab is going?
    Are we justifying our self in Kashmir?
    37)Woman still a inferior sex

    If any one has some issue which he or she feels must be posted in this group then he or she can forward it through E-mail at [email protected].

    Vice-President Election – Politics to please Muslims

    India is a largest democratic country in this world. In our country every constitutional issue settles through democratic way, by voting. In our country the political parties are always concern about their vote bank, so they can win more number of candidates and form their government. The mockery is that the political parties are least bother about the basic needs of the public and the development of the country.

    Nowadays the important event in the country is that the election for the post of Vice-President is going to be held on 10th of August 2007. In this election all of the parties are trying to please the Muslim vote bank. Mr. Mulayam Singh proposed the name of Mr. Rasheed Masood, MP ( Samajwadi party), Ex-Health Minister as a candidate from UNPA to retain the Muslim vote bank in UP, which is shifting to Congress party. The Congress party (& all parties in UPA), known as secular party proposed the name of Mr.Hamid Ansari, who had been the VC of AMU, Ambassador in different countries, Awarded with Padmashree, now the president of Minority Commission, to snatch Muslim votes from Samajwadi Party in UP and retain their secular image . The NDA (BJP), how can they lack behind the others, they also propose the name of Ms. Najma Heptulla, the senior leader, been Vice-president of Rajyasabha for a long time, belongs to the family of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, with this BJP wants to move slightly towards secularism from typical Hinduism & to get few votes from Muslim community.
    All of the parties and their allies (UPA, UNPA, and NDA) want to make a Muslim Vice-President.

    These political parties do not care how these people are living. As per the Sachchar Committee-report, The Indian Muslims are in bad shape they are not having basic facilities of food, residence, education & services. Everybody wants to please the Muslim vote bank to get the mileage in the elections but no party is interested to provide the basic things to these Muslims and other population of the country.

    If all the political parties show their concern for the development of the people of this country, and implement the same, this will lead to the development of the country and which is very much required in the developing country like India. Then we can call this the True Democracy which means Government of the people, by the people & for the people.

    Written by
    Mohammad Fariq

    (Mohammad Fariq, a post-graduate in Zoology, is working for a reputed pharmaceutical company.)
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    Terrorism: The Virus

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    The Tribune- Looking for Change

    One of the India’s old and popular daily, The Tribune, is currently busy in makeover to look more attractive in the present contest. By realizing the demand for change, The Tribune, has decided to change its look so that it can create impact on more number of people. Presently this newspaper has a good base in the Northern states of India, however in the rest of India it is struggling to make any impact. Therefore for capturing more market, administration of The Tribune has decided to give it a new modern look which will have appeal on more number of people and cross sections. Currently, they are busy in finding partners, who can provide solutions for the new look of daily. One of the other reasons behind this change could be familiar design of the paper for continuous many years. Soon, all The Tribune lovers can hope to see this news paper in new look.

    Role of Feedback

    Positive feedback always has a good effect on working of the businesses or organizations. Therefore, it is always advisable to look for good feedback. Today there are number of ways of getting feedback are available in the world and people can easily choice from any one of them. One of the best ways is 360 degree feedback system which provides lot of useful feedback about the important information required in the organization. Many companies and organizations around the world are relying on this system for getting the right feedback about their products or policies. The advantage of the good feedback system is that it provides company an opportunity to correct mistakes in the initial stage and avoid any kind of further embarrassment. Moreover, good feedbacks are also very helpful in increasing the working standards of an organization and making it more fit for the daily competition.

    Searching yourself

    In the journey of life, we all move through many ups and downs which brings with themselves number of impacts on our lives. Some moments are happy enough to be remembered for long time while some others are regretful to be forgotten in few days. However, mostly we go on finding newer and newer different moments in life which brings with them number of different changes. This whole circle is so vicious that we very rarely get time to focus on truth behind these facts. Most of these moments, if focused closely give result that major wisdom remains in searching one’s true self. Those people, who are able to attain this height in their lives, are able to detach themselves from the happy and sad moments of life. Therefore searching ones true self is very important for every person for living more wise life in this world. The major reason for our most of the sad moments in our lives is our desire to find happiness in the other objects and people. Most of the time, these objects and people betray us leaving behind unhappy memories for us. Now, if we start finding happiness inside us then we can easily decrease the side effect of the world on us.

    Sanjay Dutt behind the bars

    Now the hanging fate of Sanjay Dutt for last fifteen years has taken a new turn when Tada court sentenced him for six years imprisonment. This decision has brought with itself two major impacts on the Sanjay’s life, first is a relief for Sanjay Dutt from long trails and uncertainty, and second is new struggle for the Sanjay Dutt in Jail and higher courts. Today Sanjay Dutt has achieved a distinctive place for himself in the Indian cinema and therefore lot of supporters of Sanjay Dutt are coming forward for showing sympathy with him. At present, all the eyes of the world are on Sanjay Dutt and his activities inside the jail and there are number of TV channels, which are providing complete coverage on Sanjay’s life inside the jail. However, there is one question which emerges out this contest that they so much sympathy for Sanjay Dutt, when he has committed these crimes. There could not be different kind of rules for the different peoples. Sanjay Dutt has all rights to fight his case in higher court and get relief for himself but any kind of mercy or special treatment for him because of his high stature will not be a justice.

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