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Recently, has become a matter of debate for most of the people in India. The major reason behind it is high popularity of this site among the young generation and second exploitation of these youth by some criminal minded people through site. Day by day many issues are coming in the light which shows how some people are using orkut to exploit these young teenagers. Recently a boy and girl become the victim of this exploitation and have to lose their lives. Due to these reasons some people are raising the voice for ban on this site. However according to experts, ban will not serve any purpose because there are large numbers of sites similar to orkut and if one site is banned then other large number of sites will emerge on the place. The best option of avoiding any exploitation on orkut is following certain guidelines.
1) Avoiding contact with unknown people.
2) Avoiding becoming member of prone communities.
3) Avoiding requests for meeting in private.
4) Not accepting unknown people as friends.
5) Avoiding people with unclear names and description.
6) Avoiding use of Orkut for dating purpose.
7) Learning to distinguish between dummy and real profiles.
8) Avoiding sexually motivated talks and conversation.
9) Avoiding business proposal through community.
10) Parent’s surveillance for children less than 18 years of age.
By following some of these points people can easily avoid their exfoliation by the others and enjoy their time on the

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