Games of Ego

Most of the big saints and religions of the world have termed Ego as a big hurdle in the mental and spiritual growth of a person, however still we find large number of people becoming victims of Ego every day. Now the question which emerges is that if Ego is so bad then why so many people again and again become the victim of this emotion? The answer is simple that we never realise and try to realize the short comings or disadvantages of the Ego. The number of the people who become the victim of Ego is very large and second people become victims of Ego again and again during their lives. Ego can attack any person and mostly it comes with power, education, money and good luck. Large number of people after achieving worldly achievements starts thinking themselves above others and from here Ego emerges in a person silently. The emergence of the Ego is so silent that very few people become aware of their own Egos. The major disadvantage of the ego is that it stops the growth of person and therefore creates a situation for the downfall of a person. Also due to ego, people hurt many other people and finally an egoist person starts losing all of his friends. It is very important for person to be aware of Ego and try to avoid becoming the victim of it in life.

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