Making a good society

It is the responsibility of every Indian to work in the direction of making India a good society. For bringing any change in the society, only way available in front of us is making positive changes at the individual level. Most of times, we people think that there are number of other peoples in the society who are doing this job. In the end, problems in the society remain standing waiting someone to come forward and solve them. Today even after 60 years of the Independence, our society is still facing number of social problems which required to be solved for providing a good social atmosphere to every individual. It looks that we are still very behind from making our society as free and good like American society. In the present world, American society is an example of free and good society in the world, where every individual has lots of free rights and simultaneously people are giving back to society their time and unity. Numbers of Americans have given their lives in the past for making this society an ideal society. It is great effort of these people due to which we are seeing a great society like America. Our society is also a great society but in the present time, it needs to take some corrections and providing more freedom to its people. We Indian can easily make our society better and free than American by doing small positive changes. Therefore every Indian should be ready for small efforts for our society.

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