Menace of Addiction

Addictions to various drugs and liquors have become so common problem in society that we can easily find large number of people suffering from them around the world. Today, addiction has become a common story in most parts of the life and every day newer and newer people are becoming the victim of this menace. However the major problem with this problem is that we all know about this problem and wrong implications of it but still very less of us are able to do anything productive to stop it. Consumption of liquors is very common in our societies and many people become addicted to liquor. There are large numbers of examples of people, who have spoiled their whole life due to liquor addiction.

In liquor addiction, there are large number of cases were people lose their hard earned money and belongs. The other problem with the addiction is that large numbers of innocent family member also suffer with the addict. However, still our governments are not able to put any ban or control over the liquor sales because large amounts of revenues are coming from its sales. These are some of the sad stories of our society where few people suffer for the gain of others. Second thing is that liquor addiction is not the only addiction, there are number of other substances and liquors available in the market which causes even stronger addiction than liquor.

Drug addictions are very common in the present world and they are much stronger addiction than the liquor addiction and large number of people lose their lives due to these addictions every day. The biggest sorry factor is that most of these addicts are young students or adults. The other major reason behind these addiction problems going out of control is non-availability of good drug rehabilitation centres. If some centres are available then they charge so big amount that it become very difficult to afford their services. In this kind of the situation, we need non-profit and free service providers
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