Searching yourself

In the journey of life, we all move through many ups and downs which brings with themselves number of impacts on our lives. Some moments are happy enough to be remembered for long time while some others are regretful to be forgotten in few days. However, mostly we go on finding newer and newer different moments in life which brings with them number of different changes. This whole circle is so vicious that we very rarely get time to focus on truth behind these facts. Most of these moments, if focused closely give result that major wisdom remains in searching one’s true self. Those people, who are able to attain this height in their lives, are able to detach themselves from the happy and sad moments of life. Therefore searching ones true self is very important for every person for living more wise life in this world. The major reason for our most of the sad moments in our lives is our desire to find happiness in the other objects and people. Most of the time, these objects and people betray us leaving behind unhappy memories for us. Now, if we start finding happiness inside us then we can easily decrease the side effect of the world on us.
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