Strange madness for male child

Northern India is showing a strange love for the male child and people here are ready to go to any extent for achieving this dream. Female feticide is not a new thing for northern India, already numbers of girls are killed here before taking birth on the daily basis. Women are tortured for bearing girl Childs. Now this madness is seeing new methods developed by people here to complete their dream of male child. As per the latest news published in the TOI, there are large numbers of people in these states who are trafficking women and girls from the west Bengal and Assam for bearing male Childs form them. This is really a shocking news and clearly shows that how this problems has deep roots in our society. Already number of the girl Childs per male Childs is very less and in coming years situations can become very alarming; however there are very less people how takers of these facts are. Most of the people of these areas think that they can easily purchase anything with the power of their money and this illegal traffic of women is one similar incidence.
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