Sanjay Dutt behind the bars

Now the hanging fate of Sanjay Dutt for last fifteen years has taken a new turn when Tada court sentenced him for six years imprisonment. This decision has brought with itself two major impacts on the Sanjay’s life, first is a relief for Sanjay Dutt from long trails and uncertainty, and second is new struggle for the Sanjay Dutt in Jail and higher courts. Today Sanjay Dutt has achieved a distinctive place for himself in the Indian cinema and therefore lot of supporters of Sanjay Dutt are coming forward for showing sympathy with him. At present, all the eyes of the world are on Sanjay Dutt and his activities inside the jail and there are number of TV channels, which are providing complete coverage on Sanjay’s life inside the jail. However, there is one question which emerges out this contest that they so much sympathy for Sanjay Dutt, when he has committed these crimes. There could not be different kind of rules for the different peoples. Sanjay Dutt has all rights to fight his case in higher court and get relief for himself but any kind of mercy or special treatment for him because of his high stature will not be a justice.

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