Decreasing standard of Indian politics

India is a biggest democracy in the world and we are also celebrating 60 years of our democracy, however on the other hand standard of Indian politics is decreasing day by day. Conduct and Behaviour of our most of our political leaders is even worse than ordinary school children. Large numbers of our political leaders are involved in the corruption and illegal methods of occupying power. Political parties are busy in highlighting baseless issues while sidelining major basic issues of public. This is really a shame for political leaders and parties of India to behave in this irrelevant way. For every political party and leader of India only major thing is to gain maximum vote bank by any method right or wrong, while giving no attention to the basic needs of the people. This is a strange game of political suffering and dominance in India, which is causing lot of problems for the common people by hampering their growth. Today major hurdle in the growth of India is its aligning political system which has not grown with the time. The only way of improving political system of India is possible by encouraging the participation of youth and general public in bigger way. Today time has come in India when every person should realise his duty and encourage a good politics for the betterment of India.

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