Will Sanjay Dutt be out soon?

Presently fate of Sanjay Dutt is looking slightly unclear because there are lots of apprehensions that the chances of acceptance of his bail or decrease in punishment are very less. Now all the hopes of Sanjay Dutt are lying on the Supreme Court of India which can only now provide some hope to him. In the mean time, Sanjay Dutt is trying to occupy himself with some work inside the Pune prison. Sanjay Dutt is learning more about Mahatma Gandhi by reading available books on the Mahatma and also he has joined a carpentry class in the jail. Sanjay Dutt fans are really very sad with their star living inside the prison. Sanjay Dutt holds a good acceptance among the people and therefore, he has a large group of fans, who want him free early. Most of Sanjay Dutt’s fans are of the firm believed that he is innocent and therefore, he must be freed. However, law does not consider the emotions of the fans or supporters while giving verdicts, therefore chances of Sanjay Dutt coming out of problem early are very less.

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