Politics of the Nuclear Deal

Currently most of the Indian politicians are busy in doing dirty politics over the Indo-US nuclear deal. Opposition parties are trying to undermine this deal and therefore they are highlighting number of negative issues related to this deal. On the other hand ruling parties and our respected Prime Minister are busy in defending their stand. Due to this unwanted leg pulling, most of the Indians are finding it very difficult to understand whether this deal is good for India or not.

If we think about this deal in boarder view then this 123 nuclear deal is a sign of growing importance of India in world arena and it will also fulfil immediate requirement of India for energy. Every person living in India is very well aware about the electricity problem and whole of the India is affected by this problem. For remaining globally competitive and grow further, it is very important for India to have enough energy or even have surplus energy. In the present world, nuclear energy is one of the best alternatives available with mankind for fulfilling their need of energy.

This deal is a positive step in this direction and it will open number of good opportunities to India. On the question of who will benefit more this deal then the answer is simple that both the nation will equally benefit from this deal. As US earn good amount of money by selling nuclear fuel and technology and India will be able to get more and cheaper energy. To some extent nuclear deal is a need of the hour and therefore putting question marks over it is not a right strategy.

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