Hue and cry over Sanjay Dutt’s Punishment

At present, many of the Sanjay Dutt’s fans are involved in various activities to confirm the release of Sanjay Dutt from prison. Some are planning agitations and some others are requesting public to sign petition for his release. On the other hand, all the advertisers and producers, who are working with Sanjay Dutt are trying to side line themselves with the star because there is apprehension in market about the fate of Sanjay Dutt. Six years behind the bar could destroy the career of Sanjay Dutt by weakening his brand value. Sanjay Dutt’s next hope remains with Supreme Court of India, where he has filed application for bail.

Many supports of Sanjay Dutt believe that 15 year long court trail and one and half years served behind bars are enough punishment for Sanjay Dutt but however when we look at the punishments givens to the other victims then six years of imprisonment for Sanjay Dutt is not a big punishment. When Sanjay Dutt committed this crime then he was a matured adult who knows the difference between right or wrong. Therefore now any show of innocence does not hold any relevance. We are living in a democratic and free country, where laws must hold a supreme value irrespective of person’s status and position.

We all know that Sanjay Dutt is a good actor and after this incidence, he has changed considerably but law has to taken its own course of action and punish the guilty. Moreover, there are hopes alive for Sanjay Dutt that Supreme Court can reduce his punishment, therefore we should only pray for his soon release and not creating any hue and cry over his punishment.

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